Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Refashion: You're sacked!

Finally had time to work on this refashion! 

Refashioning feels like a quick fix sometimes, but most of the time it's a learning process for me. I learned to develop an editing eye from watching Project Runway-- step back, look at the garment, and see which parts you can edit out to make it better. 

Truth be told, I've been wanting to work this sack of a dress that I thrifted for RM5 (< USD2) for a longggg time. Unfortunately, every time I look at it, I get sucked into the black hole of inspiration. I didn't want to give up or use the light blue and white striped fabric for a non-garment item, so I kept this dress folded up near my desk so that I'll be bugged by it on a daily basis.

I actually drafted a pattern of a dress with capped sleeves and planned to cut up this dress and use the fabric to make a new dress. But after cutting the printed pattern and looking at the dress, I started to see the dress in a different light.

Let's see, I quite like the pockets... but they were seriously large and I could probably smuggle big puppies in them. I did like the elastic waist too. Most of all I love the button-up back! I couldn't bear to part with that detail.

I put on the dress and pinned it here and here for a bit until I decided HOYEAHH LET'S DO DIS!!

With Bernhoft, Passion Pit and Florence and the Machine competing for my attention from my iPod (yea rite), I worked on the dress and ended up with a dress I'm proud to have in my wardrobe!

With the box bag I refashioned. Yes I know I have very veiny hands. I was born this way and if you don't like it I'm gonna ask Gaga to hunt you down with her half motorcycle body.

Took off the sleeves, clipped up the shoulders and brought them in, nipped the pockets slightly, and of course chopped off a good couple of inches from the hem (the dress originally went down to my ankles and made me feel like going out to milk some friendly cows).

Button-up back! I actually missed a button. Think I'll need my husband's help to wear this dress heheh.

A rather billowing skirt of a dress that I probably shouldn't wear on windy days lol. I like the high neckline too!

In other news, looking back at February, it was my favourite month of 2012 so far for my Etsy store, and here's why! 

Reblogged by Wear Color:

A long time ago, Eevon passed me the link to Wear Color (which resulted in almost a day of zero productivity due to the endless scrolling), and I've been following it loyally ever since. If you scroll through its pages, you'll notice that Wear Color doesn't just reblog colorful pictures-- they are beautiful photographs that are high in style quality. I've gotten the chance to know Mallory who is behind the blog, and she's not only genuinely nice, but also very encouraging from the start.

A collaboration with Happy Together:

Jessica Fediw is one of my favourite mommy bloggers out there. She takes great pictures, and shares fun tutorials-- and all this while having kids! She's got a passion for sewing too, so it was fun teaming up with her with for my sewing charm bracelet. Again, a very sweet person to know :)

Frankie Magazine had me on their newsletter under "These little handmade leather beauties brightened our day":

Frankie is always on my adore list. Each issue is chock-full of beautiful things that seem to be carefully curated with a unique sense of style and taste. When I found out my buyers were coming from Frankie's newsletter, I think my jaw dropped and I may have possibly done an air whoop. Possibly.

That's about it! Thanks for reading this far hehe.

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