Monday, October 11, 2010

Organizing is so fun when you I have PMS, hurrah!

My closest friends and my husband know that whenever I start fussing about getting things cleaned and arranging things so they look organized, I'm PMSing. So it's no surprise that the beast reared its head again tonight.
The head was screaming "The room is a mess! We need a shelf thingy!"
So I walked up to my husband and said "We need a shelf thingy."
We got the shelf thingy (and also some basket thingy and an acrylic box thingy-- told you this was a beast we're dealing with), and after a few hours I suddenly had a sewing corner where my machine could sit comfortably (instead of always sitting awkwardly on the dresser) and all my sewing supplies were within reach, tucked nicely in basket thingies and box thingies.

And the beast's verdict?

"Two thumbs up, hooman!"


Also, the wedding was so fun and tiring, I really wanna sit down and properly blog about it to do all the people who helped us out justice. It was an amazing party fer shizzle :-)