Saturday, June 21, 2008

You always complain, but it's ok, I like to hug you to sleep.

Encik Roti is always complaining about something or other.

"Why did you leave me outside?"

"I don't like this show!"

"I don't want blanket, I am hot!"

"What are you doing? I'm bored!"

"I don't want to sleep!"

"I don't want to wake up!"


It's funny how something so box-y and kaki complain can be so huggable hehe.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Highlights from Phuket (Pt 1)

Haven't had time to sit down and organize the pictures we took at Phuket for our company trip since we got back. Was going through the photos just now and saw this pic someone took of Lin and me, which I think deserves a spot on the Highlights From Phuket list.

Zoom in. I don't know if you can see my expression but it's memang bodo. HEH.

I look like I'm shouting a warrior chant "OOOhhEEEYOOOeeeeyoooOOO!!!!"

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I sat down in the chair, looked up into the bright light, and saw his face there.

I gripped on to his sleeve tightly and looked at him with fearful eyes and exclaimed,

He said "Okayyyy, don't worryyyyyyyyyyy" in his calm tone that he probably uses for every patient, and continued, "Since you scared, I will inject more lah okay?"

So soon half my face was feeling numb, while Dr Louis (who happens to be my friend's dad-- I'm glad he's a dentist and not a gynecologist) was waiting for the local anesthetic to take effect, he sat there and made some conversation with me.

"Long time never see you... so what are you doing now?"

"Oh uh my wisdom tooth is kinda pain and uh--"

"No I mean what are you doing now... as a job.. heheh" he chuckles.

"OH! Right. Silly me. Sorry!"


After the extraction, with half of my face numb and a cotton swab stuck in me mouth, I asked the nurse,
"Ghn hnnai gheeb ghidct?"

And she said,
"Sure you can keep the tooth, no problem!" and clipped it into a plastic bag for me to take home.

Isn't it funny how teeth will always smell like........... teeth?

So yeah. Everything I eat for the next few days will be laced in blood.

I feel so....