Sunday, April 26, 2009

Curtain skirt & Inigo Montoya

Sau Fung showed me a couple of skirts that were all the rage in Singapore-- they had elastic waistbands, and were mostly vintage-inspired floral prints. My first reaction was "Ehhh! Looks like my curtain cloth!!" (My curtains are vintage-inspired florals lahh)

Turns out sewing elastic waistbands weren't that easy (or maybe I'm doing it the wrong way), but yesterday I made my own curtain skirt.

And here is a pic of the skirt with the bow. Bows are funny. I suppose it's a love/hate thing. Some of my friends can't accept the existence of bows, I suppose it's kinda like kimchi.

In other news, apparently walking on platform heels need practice. Damn.

OH! In more exciting news, there's loldogs! But.. not as funny as lolcats :-( But this cracked me up HEHEHE:

My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. PREPARE TO DIE! � loldog, lol dog, and funny dog pictures

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bow wow wow yipee yo yipee yay, where my doggiez at

Made a bow yesterday, think I should've made it bigger. Oh well!

Then, got a bit carried away with Photo Booth... -_-"

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Of buying things

Jean bought me a piece of printed cloth from Australia during her trip there, and I'm so psyched because she really knows what I'm into! It's a piece of aboriginal art fabric by the Worimi people from the Great Lakes region of coastal New South Wales. Yes I totally copied that 2nd half of the sentence straight from the packet inlay :P Hurrah for Jean's exellento taste! ;-)

My latest muse is Taman Paramount-- making a trip to this place is like travelling back in time. The boys will go there for the vinyl record store, and I will head to the sewing supply shops. Spending on raw sewing materials seem to make me feel satisfied hehe. Made a couple of vintage elastic belts for the little shop.

The boyfriend and I went to Daiso and had a field day putting together a craft box for Katrina's birthday. It had everything from stickers to felt cloth to origami paper to scotch tape to crayons with interchangeable tips to glue to coloured pipe cleaners to star charms to coloured marker pens to ribbons... She hugged it and kept saying "I love this!" Really made our day :-)

We had yong tau foo in Paramount for lunch yesterday (the porridge and the curry chee cheong fun is da bomb) and went to buy some plants for the office.

This is not it, though. We ended up buying soil to grow pandan leaves for our weekly slow-cooked tong sui sessions.