Friday, April 27, 2007


Azmyl totally rocked the house yesterday. That man's energy on stage just amazes me! Like whoah, is he on something?? Hehehh. Can't wait to see him on our acoustic set tonight. And also Paolo, who looks more and more like a chinese now, I feel like calling him Ah Pao. HEheheh. And Fergus, the man of many talents (he can eat a lot during lunch hour). And Ojie/Stonebay. And Justin&Derek (they're not gay, despite what the ampersand may suggest). LIKE WOOHOOO!
I lovee acoustic shows. But yesterday's electric show was DAMN FUN. Damn!
I can't say no to brinjals

Everytime I see brinjals on the menu, my eyes go @_@ and I think "I've GOT to have BRINJALS!!! BRINJAAAAAALLLSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!"

Something strange just overcomes me everytime I see brinjals. I used to hate brinjals. But nowadays:

"Cyn: What you wanna eat?

Me: Chicken rice! :D Yum yum. You go see what you want first?

Cyn: Okay.

Me: *eyes chicken rice stall with happiness coz it's been awhile since I had chicken rice*

Cyn: *walks back to table with economy rice*

Me: What you havi-- *eyes brinjals on her plate* ... GASP!!!!

Cyn: What??


Cyn: Hehehh, yeah.


Cyn: Eh I thought you wanted chicken rice??

Me: *stands up and glides over to the economy rice stall in hypnosis while brain chants "Brinjaaaalssss! Bringaaaalssss!"*

Cyn: ... "

You wanna know how bad this gets? I went to the economy rice stall, took my rice, and scanned all the dishes, and I almost had a panic attack when I couldn't see the brinjals. A panic attack. Over brinjals.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

I think we have a future in modelling.

Okay. As unoriginal as this idea is, you should try this at home. It's damn fun and time flies when you're trying to compose the perfect picture. Who said modelling was easy??? (Answer: The Boyfriend... -_-" )

Oh and also, Cyn and I were laughing so hard like mad hooligans (sorry Arvind), when we suddenly realised "Shit! It's already 1.30AM!!!! :O "

I see youuuuuuuuu....


More "Band Slut" buttons for you. Different design okay? Limited edition heheh. Oh and Furniture's gonna premiere a never-heard-before brand new track from their upcoming album!! *screammmmm*

Monday, April 23, 2007

A picture I like

This weekend, I learnt that I need to stop being so shy, especially around new people. Perhaps the best way is to either remember when we were children and we ran our little mouths like nobody's business. Or wear a mask in a dance scene and let the director yell at you "Go crazy!!! Go crazyyyy!!!"

And you do go crazy because you know your face is hidden.

(Then again, like that's gonna fool anyone lah. Heh heh.)

Thanks Lobak and Lied for the video shoots. It was swell! :D

Friday, April 20, 2007

Ohh suddenly it's Friday again!

The week passed by real quick didn't it?

Thanks Ling for taking this lovely pic. Although we were only pretending to laugh at Pris. Who wasn't doing anything funny in particular. We just wanted a laughy shot, like yay yay happy people drinking out of cheesy paper cups!

And we got it, didn't we? I will miss this. Mos def.


p/s Lupe, in Chris' words, "is brill".

pp/s I resigned. Mainly because I can't decide if it should be "p.p/s" or "pp/s" or even "p.p.s"... heheheh. LOL

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What BFFs do


is that display pic of yours for sen kiat

if it is, i'm going to puke.


Friday, April 13, 2007

A day in the life of us girls having lunch

It's Friday. We walk into an Indian vegetarian restaurant, find an empty table, seat down, and Cyn announces:
"I feel like having Kentucky Fried Chicken..."

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

So yeah, the story I promised.

The Kanye press con. There was this Singaporean journalist (I won't say which mag she's from) who kept hogging the mic. She asked one question after another, 
without letting go of the mic. Other journalists were raising their hands to ask questions, but even before the emcee could say anything, this Singaporean journalist would butt in with her questions to Kanye. Plus she was holding the mic anyway. Haiyoh.

Anyway this is what happened in the middle of her 34,928 
questions to Kanye:
"Miss Journalist: Before they rush you off, I would like to ask--

Kanye: Wait wait wait, hold up a sec there. Before they rush me off? You're saying that as if that's the last question for the day. I'm afraid they'll rush YOU off first!

Crowd: Hahahahaha!  *kuang kuang kuangggg*

Miss Journalist: OH I'm just afraid they'll take the mic away from me...

Kanye: Yeah and your question is...?"


*Note: That's a paraphrased version. I'm too lazy to listen to the audio recording and type down word for word.

Thigh Master

Which girl doesn't have big thighs, I want to kill you. In the meantime, MMM was constructing this illustrative guide for some thigh exercise for me earlier, when she suddenly TER-sent it to someone else:

i sent it to jasmine!!
i think it's the same.

whats tht? sex issit?

how to exercise your thigh la!!"

And if you're curious, yes you have to first do a headstand AND cross your arms before doing the kiap-kiapping leg action. If that doesn't work, I'll just have to kill all the skinny-thighed girls in the world. So Jas you better pray this works.... hehehehehhe!

Monday, April 09, 2007

'Sup, Kanye!

Oh boy I had the greatest weekend ever! More juicy stories tomorrow.

Kanye at the press conference. Tomorrow I shall tell you how he snubbed of a Singaporean journalist. Wah piangggggg!

Kanye at Stadium Negara. Cool stunnaz eh? Yah I didn't go upfront to the standing arena. The Boyfriend and I sat at the free seating erm, seats.

Oh and Kanye said "'sup" to me! TO MEEEEEEE! Ok to another journalist too. But we were the only TWO people he said "'sup" to in the press conference room! HUWAHUWHAWUWHUAHAHA!! *foams in mouth*


His new song Stronger rocks (raps?) my socks off. Totallyyyyyy off! I think he's using a Daft Punk sample? Pls correct me if I'm wrong. Anyhoots! Watch it here. Sorry was a bit far. heheh.

I can just DIE a happy person now. *beam beam beam*

Friday, April 06, 2007

Sunday's near!

I am so excited! KANYE I LOVE YOU KANYE!!!!!!!!!!
"Jem is truly outrageous, truly truly truly outrageous!"


Chernliang, you don't know what have you done. Now I want to get those star earrings. And pink hair. And I have made a really big decision on my life; I will name my daughters Jerrica and Jem (and prevent Adrian from matchmaking his sons Gog and Magog with my cool-named girls). I want to use the theme song as my ringtone. And I want this tee

I miss Jem and The Holograms so much that I could cry. Sniff sniff. Watch the video to the COOLEST cartoon of all humankind's history here.

Today is the coolest day ever. Sniff.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Me: "Eh come try this seaweed lah."

MMM: "Ok thanks." (takes one big strip of seaweed. crunch crunch.)

Me: "Nice leh?"

MMM: "Ok lah. Where is this from? Thailand?"

Me: "Err, dunno lah. Eh, you got a small bit of seaweed under your lower lip. Hee hee hee."

MMM: (stares at me)

Me: "Heee hee hee hee... really lah... under there..."

MMM: (stares at me) "Chings, you do realise what you just said rite?"

Me: "Hee hee hee.. what lah? Really got seaweed under your lip lah--"


Me: "Har??? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA--errr I mean, I mean, erm, sorry! Erm, I know how you feel! See? I got lots of moles too, all over my face! Sometimes ppl say "Eh got chocolate on your face la"... hehehe.. sorry!"

MMM: "Hmmm..." (quietly pinches of a small tiny piece of seaweed and sticks it on her mole in the most refined manner)

Me: "Eh maybe you should stick on the OTHER side of your chin... then you can play Can You Spot The REAL Mole?! A-ha! Hehehehehh!"

MMM:  -_-

Me: "Ok bye."

Monday, April 02, 2007

Masters of disguise

fergusong: when lesbians hook up, one assumes a role. that role is relative to the partner.
so case in point, if my girlfriend went with some chick, if that chick was more girly (and there are much more girly girls than her), then she'd be the tomboy one in the relationship. if she went out with a tomboy (and there also are much more tomboy girls than her) then she'd be the girly one.

Chingz: ohh
really ah
i didn't know that
see? we girls are masters of disguise

fergusong: ya right

Chingz: like chameleons, hiding behind a branch

fergusong: like men dunno how to fake
enough with your pencil case poetry
make your point

Chingz: or a stick insect, hiding behind a stick

fergusong: HAHAHHAHAA