Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The husband's diorama


He made a diorama for his 1:18 cars and mechanic station tools, and I totally love it! It was so fun going to Jasima to get the corrugated plastic boards, car brand stickers, and at the same time I also got some sewing supplies there heheh.

I made a simple large checkered floor on Illustrator and we printed it out on glossy sticker paper. He designed his own workshop logo and put the whole thing together. Even though the diorama isn't dramatically complicated with caves and moss and smoke machines, I am so proud that he finished the project :D Told him that next time he can help our son build his.

Here are some pictures taken with Sen Hon's camera (thank you for letting us use it!!). I love shallow DOF-- guess I'm just shallow like that. HAH!