Wednesday, November 14, 2007


He was reading Steve Job's unauthorized biography.

I was reading this:

Then I started laughing and laughing.

You see this breed here? (on the right page)

They are called Borzois. They can catch wolves ok!

Distinguishing features include the "WaSSSSSSSSSSAAaaap" face (kinda like the picture was taken halfway while they were saying "WaSSSSSSSSSSAAaaap").

Don't believe me? Take a look at all the pics featured on the page:





Tuesday, November 13, 2007

We've got a visitor at the office!

We've got a little handsome visitor at the office. He's Cat's rabbit. Look, he's licking my hand.

Lickedylick. Like a dog. Only his tongue is the dry type. So it's kinda like soft sandpaper.

He has a really cool name too. Are you ready for it? Are you?

You sure?

Okay. His name is.....

.... RABBIT.

Ok apparently Seng Jinn lied to me. His name is NOT Rabbit.

His name is...

... Rabbi.
The Toilet Trilogy (Pt III)

As mentioned before-- access to unisex toilets create opportunities for entertaining epics.

Colleague 1: "You know what I hate? People who knock on the door when you're taking a crap in the toilet. I used to have a friend who would keep knocking non stop on the toilet door when he knows I'll be inside taking a crap. Damn irritating la!"

Me: "Hahahahahha!"

15 minutes later he goes into the toilet.

Me: *knocks continuously on the toilet door* "Oi what you doing, oi oi oi, HALOOOO what you doingggggggggg!!! Muahahahahha!!! *knock knock knock* Alo alo al--...."

Colleague 1: (in an innocent but annoyed voice) "Oiii... I'm wanking lah!"

Me: @_@ .... "HAHAHHAHHAHA idiot."

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Jiggles. Jigz. Jiggydee. Gettin-Jiggy-Widit. Jiggirl. Jiggydoo. Jig-Jig. Jiggy.

So many names for a lab! :p She's just happy being called by us.

See? Happy rite? Still smiling ma.. hehehh.

I like this pic a lot. If you see if close up you can see her saliva bubbles at the edge of her lips. So gross and funny. She's coming to get youuuuuu! HEH HEH!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


"Sadness... might be an emotion with wisdom after all; an emotion which forces us to slow down, consider our plans and maybe change them."

Emotional Rollercoaster by Claudia Hammond