Monday, March 29, 2010

Erm. Why do people still think Macs don't have right clicks??

On another sorta related note, this song made us laugh hard today. Naiiise.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sonic accidents

Old article, but still an interesting read on the production for M.I.A's Kala album. Sometimes we get so caught up in glossy, perfect audio production that we forget accidents may be the best thing that ever happened!

"Taylor stayed especially alert for sonic accidents ..... we got interesting results, even finding accidental loops when someone dropped their drumstick. It’s having an open mind”."

Monday, March 15, 2010

Why it's good to have a brother-in-law in the house

SH: "What are you doing"

Me: "Going to dye this cloth green. Do you think this fabric weighs 250g? The dye is for 250g of fabric."

"Let me see." (takes cloth and weighs on his palm while he thinks deeply)

"How heavy is it?"

"It's only like, 50 grams. You need another 200."

"Shiet. Hmm."


"Do YOU wanna dye one of your tshirts??? Nyeh nyeh nye-- "

"OK let me go check my cupboard."

"@_@... WOOT!"
The sewing tenggiling

Thanks to more inspiration from other awesome sewing bloggers, here are a couple of projects I've been working on lately...

The outfit below is a bit 'formal' for me to wear to work, so I'd probably pair the jersey top with something more casual next time, like, a coconut husk skirt or something. The cream jersey top was a pain to make (but I swore on my thighs I'd finish it!!! Just not sure why I swore on my thighs...), but as with me and stretchy material, it's a good learning experience. 

I bought the gold zipper from a sewing shop at Pasar Besar Seremban (the only place you can find the most awesome Seremban beef noodles!! droooool~~~), and when the aunty said it was RM1.20, I was like "HUH? SO CHEAP?" because my kiamsiap mind was racing like a hantu gila babi getting excited about making my own exposed zipper skirt/top/something. The black material is from Kamdar SS2, and was around 6 or 8 bucks for half a metre, which I used every bit of it. I like this fabric because it doesn't crease as easily as cotton when you sit down.

Still not very good with handling jersey, guess I should really do some research on it one day hehe. Felt the neckline was a bit plain, so added these stringy jersey strips on it. The nice thing about jersey is that they roll themselves up on the edges :-)

This evening, the husband was watching the first F1 race of the season. Hamilton fired his dad! Hmmm.. Anyway, totally unrelated to the race, but I decided to make a long wallet/purse thingy to replace my current one, which the husband got for me a year plus back. I still love the one he got me, but it's getting a bit 'chan' and I don't want to put it through anymore wear and tear :-(

So I sewed furiously like a tenggiling on a roll and came up with this:

I fell in LOVE with this material at Sham Shui Po, coz it reminds me of that BAPE! It's a pretty thick material, so I was worried that I might break my #13 needles, but luckily none died in the line of duty. I browsed a couple of tutorials online, but in the end just made up the pattern as I went along.. as usual, too lazy to follow people's measurements! -_-" Oh and this hearts fabric was only RM9 per yard! GOODNESS GRACIOUS! I think it was at that moment that I fell in love with Sham Shui Po.

The black and white material on the inside was also from Sham Shui Po. A tip for going fabric shopping in Sham Shui Po is to look out for a box outside every fabric shop-- they usually throw scraps into a box and sell it for real cheap. And by scraps I mean at least half a yard, or maybe just a little bit less than a yard! So this black and white fabric was purchased with 2 other designs, I think it probably came up to a total of 1.5 yards (at the very least), and it was only RM5. 

RM5!!!! @_@ 

Here's all the jambalaya that goes into it! There's a polaroid in there of the husband and Jiggles :-)

Friday, March 12, 2010

True, True.

This vampire dude really looks like someone I've met before. I'm not naming names, but you know who it is right?? :P

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


WAH! So busy yesterday and today. But I don't feel like stabbing anyone yet.

So it's alllll guuuuuud. 

In da huuuuuuud.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Mesti client tulis sendiri

Today I saw the tagline for Kyocera printers on a taxi. It went something like:

"When choose printer... See cost... Not brand."

Ermm.. ok lor.

Friday, March 05, 2010


I'm bored outta my wits waiting for some dingdong email from some dingdong client to come in. Grr. It's Friday night! -__- So I'm surfing Burdastyle, loading Ren and Stimpy, blogging, and checking out Mumford and Sons. Taking a bit of time to see if I like them or not... On a rather similar note, Everything Everything and Wild Beasts are SO DELICIOUS. And Delphic is so fengtau. Hehe.

I've been trying out a bodice sewing pattern from Burdastyle. Cut a size too big. WHOOPS. Will have to re-do it I guess hehe. 
Giant scary stuff

"Can I ask you something ah."
"Mm hmm."

"Erm.. will you be more afraid of a giant cockroach or a giant rat?"
"Hmmm.. Giant cockroach."

"Ok. Giant cockroach or giant snake?"
"Giant cockroach."

"Giant cockroach or giant... dick?"
"Errr... still giant cockroach."

"Hmm... interestingggg. Oo oo!! What about this: Giant cockroach or giant asshole that's pulsating and will suck you into it??"
"Hahahhaha... Giant asshole!"

"Giant asshole or giant piranha??"
"Giant asshole!"

"Why ah? You not scared of giant piranha ah?"
"You said the giant asshole will suck me into it mah, I don't wanna get sucked in by a giant asshole!"

"I see, I see."