Monday, December 22, 2008

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

Today I found out that there is a high chance that someone copied my pattern for the pixelated Rolling Stone logo I did for my blog shop awhile back.

Ehh ok la I know the Rolling Stone logo doesn't belong to me, duh, but just that I really painstakingly figured out the mapping of the colours manually on my pegboard. I tried searching online for a pixel pattern of the logo (maybe some nice lady somewhere mapped out a cross stitch pattern of the logo, for example), but coudln't find one. Besides, I would need a really simplified pattern to work on my small square pegboard. So I decided to just figure it out myself loh.

And hey! Today I randomly came across a blogger who said she bought this from another blog shop.

Looks exactly the same rite? But hers terbalik la. Original logo is the other way wan. Hehe.


Friday, December 19, 2008

Ooooer new fetish alert

I noticed my white gladiator heels were getting a bit greyish with dirt. Usually I wear them under my skinny jeans, so no one really notices them.. but I wore it on top of my stirrup black leggings yesterday, and I noticed they looked a bit greyish.

So when I got back home after work, I dug out some old shampoo and a soft bristled brush and started washing the glads.


Ok think I'm gonna start washing all my heels soon... in fact I'm starting to eye my colleague's ballet flats-- they look a bit smudged. Ooer.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

You know there's something horribly wrong with the local music industry when people say...

"We're taking the local music industry to the next level... there are no other entertainers out there that consists of female singers who can sing AND dance and has a backing band playing for them.."

- a certain female singing and dancing trio
Erm hi dearies. Have you been to a pub lately?

"Why do we charge so high compared to KRU? Coz KRU are has-beens already. As for our band, they'll be releasing an album next year."

- a certain record label that rhymes with At Oys
Oh right. And your little band that can't agree doesn't sound like a bad Pearl Jam knock off, no siree. FYI, has-beens or not, KRU is STILL making money-- they've got their foot in music, videos, and movies. And they contributed largely to the R&B and rap sound of our local music industry in the 90s. And what have your bands done? Lets seee... hmmmm oh ya nothing much. Plus, KRU people are actually nice :-)

"Signing up with a label is SELLING OUT! We want to stay indie!!!"

- a certain very talented band that is having one of their rebelious rockstar diva phases

There's a reason why contracts are prepared. Read them. If the deal is bad, then yeah don't take it. If the deal is good (ie you don't have to have a boob job or a Taiwan haircut, you don't have to sing whatever they ask you to sing, etc etc), then yeah why not kan? You still need money to put food on the table kan? Ohhhh you have a vegetable patch. Okay then.

"Support our local music! Save our local music industry!"

- irritating nationalistic people

Kesiannye. Kena support for the sake of being Malaysian, not because the music is good. Aduhai. Camni I pun support Dragon Red la. We Malaysian ma.

Thank you, Jean

For having me believe in Britney's music. hehehe.

I love this song :-)


Okay, forgive me for being an idiot again, but I didn't know Oscar Wilde was gay. I'm not homophobic yah. I'm just oblivious. hahahaha.

I searched for Oscar Wilde's images on Google. Judging by the pictures, I must really be an idiot for not knowing he's gay.

He has fairly nice hair

He has soft features

He likes to pose

He really likes to pose

He wears a cape. And he's not a dracula.

And lastly....

Right. I'm an idiot alright.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Navin has an uncanny sense of observation

Click to enlarge. HEH HEH! Our little accidental lolcat!
"Hi, we're like silver."

Trust Adlin to come up with these type of band names.. hahahha
Dorian Gray

Okay, forgive me for being oblivious, but I picked up The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde to read yesterday, and my eyes went @_@ from page to page because I never knew it was a bisexual and gay themed story.

Then again maybe it's just me, and maybe to other literary students in the world I deserved to be burnt on a stake. "He's not gay, he's art!!!"


Come on, you gotta admit... Basil's such a sister!!! :-P

Friday, December 12, 2008

Boon is Majik

We just recorded the vocals for Liberated yesterday. Admittedly, sometimes I feel a bit bored with singing my old songs over and over again (Liberated is about 2 years old I think), but, the way Boon arranged it, he actually made me fall in love with the song again.

So therefore, I would like to dedicate a piktur to him. ATKK is so lucky to have you Boon Kok!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thanks to my mom, dad and my grandpa's liking to double names...

... Jens Lekman replied my email saying that he wished Ching-Ching was his name.

Tee hee hee!

Hurrah mom, dad, ah kong! :D