Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's coming!

We've less than 2 months to go til our wedding thingamajig, so yeah we're scrambling to get stuff done. When it comes to invitations, clothing, accessories etc my husband always gives me a @_@ face whenever I tell him, "We'll make that ourselves!" I think I'm kinda stressing him out :P

One of the things we did recently was to get our engagement photos printed by Photobook Malaysia. Our photos were taken ages ago by our friend Lobak, and we really love them to bits. They were shot on film, which I think made my father in law nervous about whether the photos would turn out "professional" or not, but after he saw the photobook today, he was really impressed and said "Wah your friend very good at taking photos ah!". PHEW...

There's a bit of us in every photo setup-- Jiggles because Senkiat used her to get me, notebooks of doodles that we drew for each other, our hobbies, our favourite place to eat at, and we wanted a shot with the helmets because that's what we had to wear when he took me to track day at Sepang.

We're halfway through getting our invitations done. Yay! Now I gotta get me a shower coz me is stink.

p/s Photobook is having a 40% promotion all month this August 2010.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hallo, is it me you're looking for ah?

Every time I call my husband on the phone while he's at work or in front of his friends, he answers with a flat, monotonous, macho voice tone. It's kinda annoying but kinda funny too (hope he doesn't read this and starts making it a habit).

*pinches nose and speaks on the phone*
"HELLO Can I speak to Mr Wong Sen Kiahahahhaa.. (cannot tahan)"


"What you doing?"

"I'm at work la."

"Working late ah?"

"No la, leaving soon already."

"GREAT! We go dinner together?"

"Ok sure."

"WOI why your voice so macho wan?? Can you please be a bit mushy?"

"Can't la, got people in front of me here."

"Fine, bye."