Thursday, September 29, 2011

Whore House Analogy on Falling in Love

You walked into a whore house and mamasan presented you this really gorgeous whore. You spent a night with her, and that night was orgasmic. After leaving the whore house, memories of that night kept playing back in your head. You could remember every single detail because of her. You were really in love with her. She was amazing.

A few days later you returned to the whore house and asked for a new whore. Mamasan asked if you would like the previous whore that you so loved, you said no, I want to try something new, yet something that would make me feel the same way before. Mamasan then brought you a new whore.

So you spent a night with this new whore, she was good, but not as great as the previous whore that you had fell in love with earlier. What was wrong, you asked the new whore, why can't you be like the previous whore so that I can fall in love with you too and feel the same way as I did with her?? Would you please wear the robes of the previous whore so you would look more like her when she undress, would you please speak in a higher tone so your voice would sound like hers when she whispered, would you please cut off your locks so your silhouette would mirror hers when she moved??

The moral of the story: If you've heard a song a million times and fell in love with it, of course the song is memorable, of course nothing else would stand up to being as memorable as that track.

p/s: Whore house analogy was something I learnt from my good friend SJ. He has all sorts of whore house analogies for whatever situations you can think of LOL.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


It was relaxing a few weekends back when I was watching Primeval while sorting out my fabric stash. Horrible show, btw. Boarder line cult greatness.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Internet for Adam

My mom has been teaching speech to hearing impaired children for many years, and she's always told me stories of her students. She also has tuition lessons at home and I gave them basic lessons on using computers to encourage them to have fun with computers. Despite not being able to talk, they were just regular kids, and like any other regular kids, they wanted to have fun, they wanted to tease each other, they wanted to be naughty.

I like this ad because it raises awareness. I don't know how much of it was scripted, but still it's a good message. But I wished the music was less sappy, and more happy. Right now the music sounds like it's trying to ask for pity, which is always the route taken when we talk about people with disabilities. And most of the time, these people do not want pity. They just want to be like a regular person, having fun, teasing each other, and being naughty. :-)

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Yesterday, the husband and I bought some containers to store spaghetti and other pasta. We've been looking for the long spaghetti air-tight containers especially. I think I prefer using containers instead of loads of clipped/tied packets of pasta laying in a corner.

Then today, I was with Eileen at Daiso today and saw these stackable containers (right side of pic). It was sturdy and did not have any weird text like "Happy friend I miss you dearly" so I had to get it. Daiso I lup you!!

This corner of the kitchen used to be such a mess! I didn't take a before picture coz it's pretty horrid. Kept making excuses like "We'll organize it better after we renovate the kitchen". 


Now... onto the other many many many many many corners in the house..... hahhahahhaaahha

Monday, September 05, 2011

Tutorial: Stitch in the ditch

Ayu started a group on Facebook for her sewing buddies to share their projects and knowledge with each other to encourage each other to sew more. It's a no-pressure sort of group and I enjoy being a part of it :D

I made a tshirt for my husband a week back and someone asked how was the collar done. I used the stitch in the ditch technique, and here's a simple tutorial explaining how it was done. I think this technique is similar to attaching a bias tape as well.

I'm using cotton pieces for this tutorial, but this technique can also be used for the jersey material that the tshirt used.

The floral piece represents the collar piece, and the solid colour fabric is your shirt piece.
(Note: For tshirts, since you'll be working with stretch fabrics, your collar piece will usually be 2/3 (two thirds) the measurement of your collar hole on your tshirt.)

The colour of the thread should be as matching to your fabric as possible. That way, even if your stitch is not that perfect, it's hokay coz people probably won't see it heheh. I'm using a different coloured thread here so it's easier to see in the pictures.

Please click on the pictures for larger versions. Sorry for the messy pics, and hope it makes sense!