Friday, September 29, 2006

Here's proving I know nuts about cars...

Below is a dramatisation of a conversation
that took place between Senkiat, a freaking
car enthusiast, and me, a girl-who-once-dated-
another-freaking-car-enthusiast-but-still-can't-tell- :-S

(while walking towards his car)

Me: Nice car. What car issit?

Senkiat: (stops dead in his tracks, stares at me with unbelieving eyes)

Me: Urm.. what?

Senkiat: (turns to Adlin) Adlin, she just asked me what car is my car.

Me: (sweat) Errr... I.....

Adlin: He he he...

Me: (walks to the back of the car, sees the logo on the car)
OH! It's a BMW... I knew that. Yeah. Urm... ha ha.

(wishing I was dead)

Navin on He/She Shopping

navin: tiring la
the money i dun mind la
it's just the picking and choosing...
and the questions....
oh god the questions


navin: when both tops look the same....
how the hell do i answer which one looks nice?


navin: sometimes i cant even identify if the item
was a top or a skirt..

Chingz: and no matter what u answer,
she'll still have more questions rite?

navin: yes

Chingz: she: which is better, this or that?
he: er.. this one.
she: but why?
he: err.. coz it's blue.
she: but i like purple!
he: ok then get the purple one
she: but this has ribbons!
he: then get this one
she: but that one has flowers, i really like flowers
he: then get THAT one
she: but i think i kinda like blue more, and that is purple
he: *@(#&@(*#.... then get both

navin: oh god...
were u spying on us??!?

This Week's Vagina Music: Gravity by John Mayer

Gravity is working against me
And gravity wants to bring me down

Oh I'll never know what makes this man
With all the love that his heart can stand
Dream of ways to throw it all away

Oh Gravity is working against me
And gravity wants to bring me down

Oh twice as much aint twice as good
And can't sustain like a one half could
It's wanting more
That's gonna send me to my knees

Oh gravity, stay the hell away from me
And gravity has taken better men than me you see now how can that be?

Just keep me where the light is

p/s The Guru says that John Mayer's songs is vaginistic. I like it anyway.
Hee hee!

"Won't nenenene.... nenenene my life... neneneneneeeeeee.......My Hearttttttt......."

(Yeah that's how the theme song
to the Indonesian version of
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai,
"Heart", goes.)

It was quite unintentionally funny,
like did you know
in Bahasa Indonesia sounds something like

So when the girl was dying (surprise surprise!),
she was reminiscing with the hero
about their childhood times together, saying:
"... we used to ride bicycles..."

which in Bahasa Indonesia sounded like this:
"... kita main spenda..."

Thursday, September 28, 2006

The 29 year old hitchhiker

We met a hitchhiker yesterday.

I thought his name was Ludvig,
but it was Ludevic Ludovic.

Makes you feel French pronouncing it, right?
That's coz he IS French hehe.

He's been hitchhiking for 3 or 4 years
and his planned trip around the world
is supposed to last 5 years.

He has been all over the world
including the Antartica, where he steered a ship;
Galapagos, where he saw a bigass giant turtle;
Indonesia, where he was almost arrested;
Africa, where he was asked to stay with another man's wife;
Brazil, where he loved the laid back life;
and... wow... I can't even remember the rest.

There were just so many places,
So many pictures
So many words
So many stories.

I asked silly silly questions, like:
Has anyone tried to kidnap him?
Has anyone screamed when he approached them for a ride,
and hit him repeatedly with their handbags,
screaming "Go away! Go away!"?

Unfortunately his answers were "No", so no fun.

Here is a man who's living on the edge
Chasing his dreams

And will probably die a happy sea lion.

Sorry Hui Ling!

Sorry for not linking you hahahaha
This is a blog of crap and I seriously
dont see this going anywhere.

But since you merajukkkkkkkk....

Someday, I would like to...

... get to know cats better.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006



(senkiat, you're right. i'm ALWAYS hungry! hehe)

One big load offa mah shouldahs

I managed to do the illustration work yesterday.
It was WAYYY overdue, I'm such an ass.
But I think I was just thinking too much.
I think too much when I really want to do something

But it always backfires lo.

Coz I always end up doing nothing.

So yesterday I looped the band's music
back to back yesterday
and stared at Illustrator
and took some pics
and tried to just drown in the songs.

Today, I sent it to him.
He said he likes it!
Nono, wait, he said
"Hey Ching, I love what I'm seeing!"


I love it too.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Trendspotter: The Hairy Indicator (NEW!)

long hair doesn't really go with purple la to me
navin: hahaha..
Chingz: plus my hair is not striaght
navin: cut it short then..
Chingz: i had short hair
before working here
navin: hmm...
Chingz: now that im single.. i need the long hair to get some guys
navin: like fishing huh..
Chingz: suckers i tell ya
fish with the hair
navin: u got bait at the end of the hair?
yeah...guys are suckers for long hair...
Chingz: got.. a slice of peperoni and cheese pizza
navin: that attracts rats and fat guys la
Chingz: i loved my short hair though
navin: u're using the wrong bait..
Chingz: damn fun la
navin: yeah i know..easier to manage..
Chingz: wake up, use wax and mess it up
navin: hahaha..
Chingz: but my guy friends were scolding me
navin: yeah..i understand how the feel..
cut of their balls then they know
navin: hahahahahahahahahahaha
Chingz: hehehe
but okay now i feel like keeping long hair kejap
then after that cut again
navin: once u get a guy...then u cut short la..
hmmm good plan
navin: blardee hell...
so if the next time i happen to bumb into u...i would know if u're in a rship..
Chingz: what?
navin: or if youre looking

In love again

I'm officially in love with John Mayer again.

I love his new album, Continuum.
The sound of it is closer to his first album,
which I loved.
I didn't like his second album, except for

And look, he has long hair.
Sooooooooo cute.

I'm gonna buy me that CD.

And look, he's still ridiculously funny.
Here's an excerpt from his blog:

The thing too is, you can sometimes trick zombies into thinking that you're one of them. If you walk through a whole pack of zombies, and you're all like "bbbuuuurrrrgggghhhhh", like they are, there's a chance they won't notice you're even there. But as soon as you start talking, or showing basic cognitive reason, zombies are all over you.

I'm so stupid! HAHA!

Everytime I hear the new John Mayer song on radio
'Waiting On The World To Change'
I think to myself
"Man I really love this song,
I want to download it!"

And I've been mucking coz usually
either I don't get to go to someplace with wifi
Or if I go, I get too excited when I DO go
and forget what songs I wanted to download.

I was just looking at the songs I have on this pc
And suddenly saw a folder:
John Mayer - Continumm

The full album that Chern Liang passed to me
quite some time back.
That I forgot about.

Hehe. I'm such an idiot.

But it was a lovely feeling
when the smile crept up the corners of my lips.

At least my stupidity serves a purpose.
The occassional pleasant surprise is nice.


Crap crap crap crap

Illustration work haven't done.

Client asking d.

Designer's block.


Helppippolla, helppippolla!!!

Ooo errr...

STILL haven't collected my graduation studio pics.

Mom's gonna kill meeeeeeee...

Monday, September 25, 2006

Vat kalar?

Wanna dye hair lah.
Brown ah.
Red? Erk.
Purple? Hehe.
If I had short hair again I would.
But now it's long and purple would look kinda
weird on long hair.
Maybe it's just me. :p
Anyways it'll surely fade to brown.


So yeah most probably brown.

Ok, Damien...

... you're gonna make me cry.


(I'm guessing pms is around the corner. heh.)

I feel like...

... killing our neighbours.

The Guru is understanding.

adrianyck: but listen to ride lah
doesn't it make you wanna dance

Chingz: listenin now
makes me wanna go to a beach party

adrianyck: ahaha okays

Chingz: jump a bit,
then walk away from the crowd,
then lie down on the sand
and save whales

adrianyck: hmmm
well that's not exactly the feeling I get
to each their own

A sentence that could be metaphorical, lyrical, or just plain literal is...

"Feels good when you get shit out of system."

You know you should've bugged your mom to send you to a Chinese school when...

... you're twenty-three
and your neighbour sprays water
and shoots plastic bullets at your dog
when he thinks nobody is looking
and he says "Oh I'm just testing my new toy"
and he speaks Chinese and you can't,
so you end up blogging about it
instead of ripping his pathetic head off
with angry Chinese swear words.

And a real gun.


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Does anyone remember watching The Labyrinth...

.. and how David Bowie's jewels were just...


Through the spandex pants.

Heaven help me.

Why boys should be burnt #36

So you act all cute and nice when you're around me.

And you tell me you don't have a girlfriend.

Little do you know, eh?

I read your girlfriend's blog. Weekly.

And I'm just waitingggggggg for the right time to kenakan you back.

Didn't mommy tell you not to play with fire?

Watch out, lil boy.

This is not my new blog

... I'm just bored. : )

Why I will rule the hip hop world someday.

So I was like,
Admiring at how I like,
Totally sounded like,
Some freaking intellectual hobnob, like,
Ken Watanabe or someone like,
Smart and all, like,
In my last post and stuff, like
Dipping bananas in chocolate, like
Looking good in a shirt that's collared, like
Reading poetry by Robert Pollard, like
Saying sumthin that rhymes with that last word, like
Yeah... numsayin? it's like

that, it's like
this, it's like
I need to go for a piss, like
that, it's like
this, it's like
Everybody should always go for a piss.

Is ye daft, mate??

Life without MSN in the office is downright sad.

So I hopped off to Adrian's cubicle yesterday to pinjam some CDs. That fella has so many CDs from the music reviews he does, grrr.

Adrian: What you want? I got lots lah. (waves hand nonchalantly at large CD collection hidden behind the apple green walls of his cubicle)

Me: (mata rambang) Wah... err.. what do you have?

A: Let's see.... (proceeds to empty a plastic bag of MORE CDs. I want to be his best friend already.)

M: ............. (picks up CD after CD)... The Fray nice ah?

A: Yelch.

M: Snow Patrol?

A: Yurks.

M: Yeah Yeah Yeah's nice?

A: Not bad. Better than the last.

M: Oo Daft Punk!

A: Eurgh. Blwergh.

M: Who the heck is The Flaming Lips?

A: Ah that one you must take. Take it. For your education*. (shoves it onto my CD stack) Oh and please take this one. PLEASE. Take it and keep it forever. (hands me a CD)

M: (looks at the CD) Dashboard Confessional? Eeee.. so skinny!

A: Take it away please. PLEASE.

M: Er okay. Wei so many CDs already! Enough enough!

Anyhoots. Been listening to the Daft Punk CD (Musique Vol 1 1993-2005). Alright most of the songs sound the same to me. But quite bop-worthy! Tee hee.

*Adrian is trying to educate my musical tastes. It means saying a firm "NO!" to Paris Hilton, Teriyakki Boyz, and Fergie. Dammit what a party pooper.

trying to post via email

test test

im like, totally bored. like, yeah.