Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nothing like popping a cold cherry tomato in your mouth on a hot afternoon

And this is where the tomatoes came from:

"He: You know, I can never understand people who eat tomatoes like apples, like biting off the whole tomato, that's just weird---

Me: Heyyyyy, I like eating tomatoes like apples!!! *gets all excited and beady eyed*

He: Oh.

Me: OHHH let's buy some tomatoes!!!! MMmMm TOMATOESSSS!!! *drags him to fresh tomatoes aisle in supermarket*

He: -_-" "

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Pennyless Guitarist and I

... will be playing a half hour acoustic set at Jam Asia this Thursday. More updates on the band here, but basically we're working on releasing a 4-track EP hopefully by mid July. Will be playing at the acoustic stage at Baybeats (Sg) too. So real excited and scared!

Anyway, this Thursday should be fun, coz this is the first time I'll be playing with Evan the Pennyless Guitarist. I love his treatments to the songs, and boy can he really play the guitar. :O

Come come!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The cat likes Bjork

"I'm walking, tra la la...."

"EH? Did you say Bjork?"

You know what? It's bloody boring being jobless. The only bits I suppose I can like about being jobless is being able to download music, watch TV (even that has gotten boring), and the occasional laundry chore (man, gotta wear more clothes so got more laundry to do, yay).

A week being jobless has done nothing but made me feel fat and fatter. As stupid as it sounds, I can't wait to start on my next job.

Anyhoot. Listening to Maroon 5's new album now. It's more popish and dancish, a pretty fun album. Best thing I like about it is that it has "Nothing Lasts Forever", the full song from which the hook Kanye used in "Heard Em' Say". Me like! Hoogah hoogah.

Bjork's cd is pretty cool too. Love the tracks by Timbaland. Oh. Meowie damn layan the Bjork tracks kay. Eccentric kitty, eh?

Timbaland's album so-so la. Then again I only had 1 listen... wasn't really wow-ed that time. (Meowie tak layan also)

Bought a Couple tshirt and their CD that day at the gig. HURRAH!

(What a boring post. Okay. Off to Cyberjaya for lunch!)

Friday, May 25, 2007

Superbra Tonight!

A little bit of background. Senkiat has 2 bands; Lied and Superbar. Ahem. And now, on to the story.

are you going to superbra's gig?


Tonight! Come come! I personally haven't seen Plush before, but they've been touted as the female version of Muse. Rather interesting. And Couple! Man I must buy their CD tonight if they're selling. Loveeee em.

The giant one-eyed fish crashed our Christmas party last year

... and left this picture behind.

Thanks Charles for awesome pic. Me like! :D

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Victoria's Secret model Karolina Kurkova has cellulite. Women of the world, REJOICEEEEE!!!


*does the jig*

*clappedy clap*

Kooky is new new pink

"n@ says:
i like stuff with even numbers eheh

n@ says:
like 1270...

n@ says:

Woman says:

Woman says:
what about.. 90210

n@ says:

n@ says:
i like

Woman says:

Woman says:

n@ says:
5672 ok

n@ says:
789.78990 also ok

n@ says:
but 113.93

n@ says:
drives me up the wall

n@ says:
what the heck!?!?

n@ says:

n@ says:
or 14.97

n@ says:

Woman says:

Woman says:
oh man ure the kookiest chick i know

Woman says:
but this is damn cool though

Woman says:
normal ppl are so boring

Woman says:
or, normal people are so 159.77

n@ says:

n@ says:

n@ says:
why cant people have even numbers

n@ says:
i was born in 1981..

n@ says:
why cant i be born in 1980!?

n@ says:
or 1982!?

n@ says:

n@ says:
wah piang!

Woman says:

Woman says:
im born 1983

n@ says:

Woman says:
that must irritate the hell outta u too

n@ says:

Woman says:

Nat is the most intriguing chick I know. Like, totally whoa!

Monday, May 21, 2007


Everybody has a love story to tell.

This is ours:

Tee hee. True story.
Last Friday was my last Friday at work

The following conversation used to take place a LOT:

"Person: So, what do you do?

Me: Oh, I'm a sub-editor at a legal publishing company.

Person: I'm sorry, you're a wha... what?

Me: Sub-editor. Legal publishing company. We publish law journals and stuff. Eheheh.

Person: Whoa! *steps back* You studied law?

Me: Errr nupe.

Person: How did you get into this field?

Me: Uh... good question, haha.

Person: ...

Me: ... *pretends to sip drink*

*krick krick....*

Person: So, yeah. Wow, legal publishing, huh.

Me: Uhm. Yeah. Haha. *sips drink*"

Yeayeayea, I know I don't look like a LEGAL sorta person! Haha. Anyway, last Friday was my last day. Goodbye Taxation Administration Act 1953, goodbye black & gold binders, goodbye Pay-roll Tax Manual.

I will miss the friends I've made, for without this place, I wouldn't have met them at all. You guys are awesome, and cheesy as it sounds, I wouldn't be where I am today without you guys. Damn cheesy sial. But it's true lah. HEheheh.

Here's a picture of my cubicle neighbour Pris and me with a book we worked on together a while back. Look, there's a lil heart above Pris' head! She loves the Bankruptcy Book, ya'll. Hehehe!

I got 2 lovely cards from my teammates and Arvind (coincidently, they both bought the EXACT same card! It was so funny hahaha!). And this damn cute doggy pillow from my teammates.

Senkiat says it's the perfect gift coz 1. I love dogs, and 2. I love sleeping.


And Ling and Layu gave me this awesomely cool green tshirt. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. Sorry no pic. I wore it the next day, though. It's hanging by a moment on the laundry line now. Thanks, guys. Really. Thanks...


*tahan macho*

Miss you all!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

We had fun in Singapore

Singaporean ciggie packs are plastered with gory pics. Hence, we had loads of fun.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I am an angry bitch

Sometime 2 weeks back, Senkiat, Chak and I went to some hawker place on a Sunday morning where apparently they have excellent "kuey teow terng" and curry mee. The whole place was packed, so we had to stand around and wait for a table to be emptied.

Anyway there was this table at the corner, a young couple was polishing up their bowls and finishing up their drinks. So we stood near there with non-hustla faces and had conversations so we don't look like we're so desperate. Plus I think it's rude to like stand hovering over ppl's table when they're having meals kan. But this couple was finishing up already.

So we stood and waited.

And waited.


And damn, still waited.

The couple glanced at us, and the hawker guy came and cleared their table. They only had a few sips of their drink left. But they took FOREVER to cabut. 20 minutes on, and they're STILL sitting there, noticing us waiting but the girl is like yapping and yapping about her college friends whom I already feel like strangling. Helloh, you kenot tell your story in the car meh? Must tell now???

I mean, they already SAW us waiting by their table okay. But they just like buat tak tau. Usually when I go for lunch with the girls and we're finishing up our meals and we see some ppl waiting for tables, one of us (usually Jean the golden soul) will say "Hey, come la, let's finish up and go, got ppl waiting for tables." (I love you Jean!)

Anyway I think it was a good 20 to 25 MINUTES before this couple finally stood up, threw us a glance and jeling, and walked off. 20 minutes for like 2ml of drink which I can sip up in a 3 seconds!!! Argh!

Chak actually said "Thank you" to them. THANK YOU?!?!?! FOR WHAT????!?!!!!! *slaps Chak*

Then Chak went off to order. Senkiat and I sat down and I buat muka bitch there.

"I HATE people like that," I hissed and crossed my arms.

Senkiat suddenly looked at me with a shocked face. "Eiii dun so angr---"

"SEE US WAITING ALREADY STILL DOWAN TO MOVE!! HA??! Take so LONG to finish their stupid drink summore. SUMMORE wanna tell long grandmother story about "My college friend hor, she ah, she like that you know!"???? KENOT TELL STORY LATER AH!??!?! MUST SIT HERE FOR SO LONG???!?! HA???!!!!!"

"Wahhh you so angry... RWOARR!" and he did the tiger claw hand action.

And I wanted to continue spewing fire and brimstone but, but, suddenly... I started laughing and laughing. And quite suddenly I wasn't fuming anymore.

Ish. Stupid tiger claw.


Friday, May 04, 2007

Something I learnt at a gig today.

So I was at Laundry to watch the snake-charmer Paolo Delfino. And by snake I mean women. Because all women are snakes, aren't they? Muahahaha...ha... HEY, wait a minute!


Anyhoo, Paolo and his band played an awesome set. He looks so comfortable on stage, I just hate him. Hahaha. He reminds me of Jason Mraz in his earlier days.

Sitting right in front of the stage taught me a very important lesson today. Lip gloss makes all the difference, man. Yeah you heard me right. His backup singer (sorry I didn't catch her name) has a beautiful voice that blends in nicely with his. And her lip gloss was shimmering and reflecting in the stage lights, it made you want to lip read. Which is always a good thing when you're playing to a room of people who don't know your songs. They'll lip read and go like "Whoah she has smart lyrics, she blows my mind, I want to give her all my money!"

See what I mean?? *triumphant look* Lip gloss is everything.

So I'm thinking maybe I should wear some lip gloss next time I go on stage. Yeah. I'm so gonna buy some shimmery lip gloss when I go out next. Yeah. Maybe pink. Pink's cute. Yeah. Ohh they have fruity ones too, with real fruit taste. Yeah definitely will get lip gloss, yep!




OKAYYY actually I'm a lazypig and I damn malas wanna put stuff on my lips everytime. I find it so troublesome that I have to reapply that shit (Longlasting 27-hour Lipstick or what, don't tell me you don't wipe your mouth after eating kari laksa? kari laksaaaa.... oOoooOo... *slobber* taugehhhh ...ooOooOoo... chickennnnn.. mmmmm... samballl... ahhHHhHh... kari sou--


Lip gloss. Yeahhhh...

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Office Fridge

One thing interesting about sharing 2 refrigerators with about a hundred people is that it provides some much-needed drama every now and then when putting commas and semicolons into sentences don't give you that daily thrill of living life on the edge:

[in forlorn voice] "Where is my butter???"

[in shocked voice] "OH. MY. GAWD. My soya bean is MISSING!!!!"

[in voice of injustice] "What the heck? They THREW away my orange juice??? It's not even freakin expired yet!!!!!!!!"

[in hushed whisper] "Somebody used my butter. I know it. These are not my usual butter knife patterns. See??? My butter knife is only THIS big!!!"

[in angry voice loud enough for everyone in the pantry to hear] "Some IDIOTS should stop stealing my Tim Tams!!!"

There is a logical and unspoken rule that you should ALWAYS label your groceries if you wish to keep it chilled in the fridge. The rule is simple. If the low fat milk belongs to you, you label it with your name on it. Which also brings about some interesting things sometimes, too:

[in frustrated voice] "My tau foo far's gone!! I only put it in here YESTERDAY! I was going to label it TODAY!"

[in mischievous giggles] "OoooOoO look, someone didn't label their Cornetto drumstick!! Meaheauahyahuahaha!"

[in my own voice, speaking to Jean] "Hey, my yoghurt is in the fridge k, go and drink it if you want."

Jean: Okay thanks.

Me: Uh. It's labeled Sanjaya.

Jean: ......

Me: Tee hee hee. Funny what.

Jean: -_-

A few days later, Sanjaya got kicked out of American Idol. Damn you, Sanjaya. I was hoping to make a decent earning with this on Ebay. Damn you.