Saturday, February 28, 2009

Reconstructing the bag

So on Wednesday I received the parcel! It was a vintage hard-framed bag that I saw online in a vintage blogshop specializing mostly in vintage bags. When I saw the pic of the bag online, I saw some stains, so I asked the sellers if it could be cleaned... they were honest and told me no, and they found other stains as well :-( So they made an offer I couldn't resist... RM18 for the bag including postage. The original price would be almost RM30 including postage. So I took it!

I got back from work around 10pm, and tore the package open to inspect the bag. Yes the stains were very obvious (though you can't see it in the pics below coz the flash just makes everything clean hahaha), and doubt it could be cleaned :-( ... but the frame was in really good condition. So my itchy fingers decided to tear the bag apart and put it together again.

Catherine holding my glue gun for me, God bless her soul.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


These photos of Jiggybees were taken last year, and backed up, and recently dug up. :-P They were taken using ze N78 with ze jelly fish eye lens, and it was my first time using them jelly lens so that's why you can spot some green outline on some pics heh heh.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sew yea, I finally finished it!

When I was in secondary school, we had to take Kemahiran Hidup, and I always looked forward to the sewing classes. First we sewed an apron, and then erm I forgot what else we sewed in class, but I started sewing pencil cases and bags. Once I pinjamed Huei Weun's bag coz it was nice and I copied the design (as closely as I could anyway) and made my own version. I wonder where is that bag now. I did enjoy sewing a lot. (On a side note, one of my friend accidentally got her thumb poked right down with the needle on the machine during Kemahiran Hidup. The needle went right through the thumb and until today when I think about it, it still makes me go @_@)

Lately, I've been picking up sewing again. My first project was a reversible mini grocery bag, then I sewed a pillow for the boyfriend (with 100% original cotton stuffing, chewahh), then I made curtains for my room (a bit senget HEH HEH), and my latest (and toughest) project was reconstructing a tube dress into a high-waisted skirt!

The tube dress - ribboned bust, empire kinda cutting that makes me look like a sack.

Actually I bought the tube dress impulsively at a bazaar without trying it on (the usual woman excuse), and when I went back, I realised the the dress didn't fit me well :-( Was gonna sell it off on my preloved blog, but then I liked the dark preppy chekered print, so I decided to experiment with the scissors! (Ohhh I bought the sewing kit from Ikea, it's my prized possession now, I beam at the sight of the big scissors!)

As usual, when you're lazy to draw out your own blueprint for the sewing pattern, just copy and modify la HAHA. I hate drawing out sewing patterns -_-" I think I should try to like it.

So I copied the pattern of a dress that I had, and got to work with the skirt. So yay, I have my own high waisted skirt now.

It's got 3 panels in the front, and an attached sash. The back is smocked (thanks to the smocking that came with the tube dress). And the sash can be tied in more than one way.

Sorry for the bad pic and the bad bow tying skills. If the skirt looks crumpled, it's not because I didn't iron it Eevon!! :-P I promise I did. The night before. Sorta.

I like shopping for fabric, Kamdar and Ikea are my new favourite hangouts. Does that make me sad. HAHAHAAH

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Goodness, another blog???

I remember Lobak calling me "Miss-I'm-Going-To-Start-Another-Blog-Again" on Facebook, because it was true.. I had like a gazillion blogs running at the same time.

Well here's one more to add to the list! :-P

OK it's not a personal blog, it's a review blog by a group of us that are into thrifting, vintage fashion, and refashions! Basically we rummage through the bazillion blogshops in KL and report the best preloved and vintage finds. It's great fun, and I think it helps me control my online shopping habits. Then again I may be speaking too soon. *nervous laughter*

*twiddles thumbs*

Monday, February 16, 2009


This is the story of Marimo the doggie, from my favourite dog movie "All About My Dog". I can't watch this now, because I might just cry in the office. Although I'm still stealing a few glances at a few scenes, but I really can't. Will watch this at home.

Beautifully shot, edited, and written. One of my absolute favourites.

For everyone who's ever had a doggie in their life :-)