Saturday, February 28, 2009

Reconstructing the bag

So on Wednesday I received the parcel! It was a vintage hard-framed bag that I saw online in a vintage blogshop specializing mostly in vintage bags. When I saw the pic of the bag online, I saw some stains, so I asked the sellers if it could be cleaned... they were honest and told me no, and they found other stains as well :-( So they made an offer I couldn't resist... RM18 for the bag including postage. The original price would be almost RM30 including postage. So I took it!

I got back from work around 10pm, and tore the package open to inspect the bag. Yes the stains were very obvious (though you can't see it in the pics below coz the flash just makes everything clean hahaha), and doubt it could be cleaned :-( ... but the frame was in really good condition. So my itchy fingers decided to tear the bag apart and put it together again.

Catherine holding my glue gun for me, God bless her soul.


spaceman said...

I swear to god you've got too much time on your hands.

Anonymous said...

Ahahahaha, i think you really can start business already. "Ching's Reconstructs You Sdn. Bhd"

hoyden said...

you're freakin genius!