Thursday, January 27, 2011

My best friend

He's everything to me and I want to become a better person for us. 

Here are our pre-wedding photos. I hate the term pre-wedding because it sounds so 'mainstream' but I guess that's what it is hahaha. I made my own proper dress for the first time (more on that later), the fascinator, his tie, the headband, and even learnt how to tie a bun properly for the first time. *pats meself on the back ngohohoho*

I love looking at other people's wedding photos... it stirs up a warm feeling in me, a reminder that I, too, lucked out because I got to marry this dude whom I would find it extremely hard to live without.

Thank you, God. I don't deserve this, but, thank you very very much :-)

Photography by none other than Lobak & Vincent :-)