Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tutorial: Floppy disk coasters!

Phew! What a packed past week it was-- unexpected, but a very happy week for me that put February 2012 on top my favourite months so far this year for me. Some lovely things happened to my Etsy store, and I'm very very thankful for God's blessings. I'll share those stories in another post, coz I'm so excited to share this tutorial with you first! 

Who misses floppy disks?? Ok not me, because there's not much data you can keep in it (my husband has this story of his teenage years, and boys being boys, you can guess what they passed around in school in stacks of floppy disk. Anyone? Haha).

But, I love me a good old school flava (checkout how I spelled flava). In fact, for our wedding bands, my husband and I decided to have binary numbers that spelled out our initials, and we got them made by a wonderful silversmith-- Lyndsay of Idle Hands Designs. So floppy disks will always have a charm to us!

Anyway, HEY. Let's do this whole tutorial in Courier.

Ready to make your own floppy disk coasters?

Insert disk into Drive A:

You will need:
Colourful felt
Cork coasters (I recycled my old ones)
Pen & Paper

First, trace the shape and size of your coaster onto the paper.

Roughly sketch out the parts of the floppy disk. 
You will need a label at the bottom, and the metal flap that protects the actual disc on top. I have no clue what is it called, but you know what I mean. That flap thingy.

Cut out your felt pieces according to the pattern you sketched earlier.

Glue all the pieces onto the cork coasters.

Cut some narrow strips to create the lines on the label.

Hurrah! Mission accomplished!

Now to check what files are in these floppy disks...

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Linda said...

Thanks for sharing your tutorial Ching!

Raphaele said...

They are so lovely, it brings a lot of memory, thanks. May I ask what kind of felt you used? It looks like it is eco-fi felt, isn't it? I guess it would not work as well with wool felt?

Raphaele said...

By the way, I have pinned this tutorial, hope you don't mind.

jollyqueen said...

lovely tutorial...brought back fond old memories...

chiiiiing said...

@phenyukerooo Thank you! ^^

@Linda Thanks so much for sharing it on Craft Gossip too!

@Raphaele You're welcome! I've never had the chance to work with wool felt before, but I reckon it should work as well, and probably hold up better too :) I used acrylic felt for this one. I'm glad you like this enough to pin it, thank you for sharing! :D

@Jeyanthi Thank you.. yup the good ol days ;-)

MateaTPol said...

wow thats so cute! I like them :)

lobak said...

I use real floppy disks!