Friday, February 16, 2007

Boys Are Like Restaurants (Pt 2)

"Hello? Mr Phoon ah? Err.. I'm from FSBM building ah, I wanna order food."

"Who are you?"

"Ms Ng here."

"Ms Ng? Which Ms Ng ah? I dunno wor."

"Ermmmm... the one always with Ms Soong wan..."

"OHHHH... your husband work in Dell rite?"

"HAH? NO LAAAA.. I'm not married!"

"Ohh... okok. Where are you from?"

"Huh? FSBM buildling la."

"No I mean your hometown..."

"Oh! Er, Seremban."

"Never go back for CNY ah?"

"Got la.. tomorrow... err--"

"OH, okay. Because I got this escort service hor, so you don't have to go back alone la."


"Yaya, but not me lahhh. It's my son! He will escort you back to Seremban lah, so your parents won't worry about you travelling alone mahhh."

"Errrr... hahahaha it's ok lahh, nevermind!"

"No lahh, not good if your parents worry mah, right or not? So how it works is that my son will escort you back, stay with you for maybe 2 or 3 days, then after that like that lor."

"Hahaha wahliao... no need la, errr I'll travel with my boyfriend la haha..."

"Aiseyman, got boyfriend also nevermind wan. Can use my son to make your boyfriend jealous mah, then your boyfriend will treat you better, true or not?"


"Hehehe. Ok la just joking. What you want to order?"

"Erm, 2 chicken and 1 pork."

"Ok lah. So you consider my proposal ok? Boyfriends are like restaurants! Must try different different wan okie???"

"HAHAHAHAHAHA ok ok Mr Phoon. Thanks ah..."


:p Thanks Mr Phoon for reminding me it's a Friday. Hee hee.


Nicky said...

what nice caterer you have.
or maybe he's really desperate.

escort service like restaurant...

some girl said...

nice ol' chap this Mr Phoon.
very wise.
uhh huhh.