Wednesday, February 14, 2007

In the future if you get really supa rich and you get to have your own MTV Cribs, what would be in it?

"A studio lah. That's standard. Hmm, let's see what else... "

"What about like a huge garage for all your expensive cars?"

"Ohh yeahh.. that too!"

"Heh heh. What else?"

"Mmm. A really big kennel."

"A big kennel? For what?"

"A big kennel and a big space for you to keep your stray dogs..."

: )


Lounge Lizard said...

A studio is not standard.

A fucken huge-ass studio is standard!

lobak said...

I'll still stay in my hole if I ever get rich. If I ever...

~ VinnY ~ said...

Safari Garden!!!!

Woman said...

i think i want a big hawker center. in the middle of my garden. hahahahah.

~ VinnY ~ said...

with a safari theme???

Woman said...

eh what's with u and safari theme?? hehhhehhehe

then again i've seen a toilet with safari theme. in a seedy pub. heehehhe!