Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tutorial: Freezer paper honeycomb fabric without the freezer paper... wait, what?

I know what you're thinking! "Ugh not ANOTHER freezer paper stencil tutorial in the blogosphere of awesomeness again!" /commence crafty eye roll

Okay first of all, you crafty punk, this ain't a freezer paper tutorial. Because I don't even have freezer paper! :( Maybe I'm blind, but I've never been able to find freezer paper here in Malaysia, and don't know anyone who has found it in the stores. I've tried the other popular alternative to freezer paper though, which is fusing black garbage bags between printing paper and the material. Which works too, but is pretty difficult for me when it comes to intricate designs. 

I've practically given up on ever finding freezer paper. Ever!! Malaysia, land of no freezer paper!!!!

But you know what Malaysia has?

Picture from http://coffeewithkakjoe.blogspot.com/ 

NASI LEMAK BUNGKUS! (This picture is seriously making me hungry T_T)

And what does nasi lemak bungkus come in when it doesn't come wrapped in a banana leaf? 

KERTAS BUNGKUS! (That picture is still making me hungry)

And what is the chemical make up of kertas bungkus which bears similarity to freezer paper?


Sorry, I was a bad science student. Anyway, to cut the story short, kertas bungkus (bungkus for "packed") is basically brown paper with a waxy side. PLUS. Easily available in neighbourhood sundry shops, and very cheap too. If you're living in other Asian countries I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find this too, because it's a common material used to wrap food for takeaway (which reminds me of roasted duck rice and chicken rice that my dad used to buy back for me :D).

RM3.80 / USD1.25 for 100 pcs. I feel like a thrifty genius.

Okay enough of waxing my own thrifty ass, let's get on to making some honeycomb print fabric!

What you need:
Kertas bungkus
Fabric paint (I <3 Dylon)

*Stencil's in PDF, for personal use only.

Trim kertas bungkus to A4 size, feed it through your printer (print on the non-waxy side) and print the stencil out.

Cut out stencil.... niceeee.

Iron on stencil (waxy side onto the fabric). Iron everything nook down, especially the thin borders between the honeycombs :D 

Start painting them combs! :-)

Lar dee dar...

Once done, allow to dry.

p/s: Erm.. okay. I didn't allow to dry. Hence the blotchiness. heh. I will touch it up tomorrow hehehe.

... Peel like Emma!

Fix the colour according to the fabric paint's instructions.*
Done! Enjoy your honeycomb fabric :D

*Dylon's instructions to fix the colour: "Cover painted area with a clean cloth and iron on a very hot setting for 1-2 minutes. Fix between layers if painting more than one coat. Fabric returns to its original softness after washing.

Edit: I've added more stencils to my Etsy store, at minimum prices! Do come take a look :-) 

p/s: Hello new readers! My blog is now at http://chingmakesthings.blogspot.com :)


dthneece said...

Thanks!!! Very cool project! I'm hungry looking at that dish as well! Would you use this for a canvas rug or some other project (insert your great idea here). I am not great at figuring out creative ways to use special fabric like this, but would love any suggestions! :D

chiiiiing said...

Hello @dthneece! Thanks for stopping by! :D I love your idea of using it for a canvas rug, wow I think I may try that! Would be fun for bathrooms mats! For smaller projects, perhaps placemats / coasters for the dinner table, framed up as a decor item, pot holder, zippered pouch, square pillow cover, wrap a lamp shade? :D

dthneece said...

Amazing ideas! I love the very different project suggestions Thanks! :D

chiiiiing said...

@dthneece most welcome! Do share your project here! :D

K. Dill said...

I so HEAR you! I've been to countless hypermarkets and yes NO FREEZER PAPER! What a bummer! I have also thought of using the nasi lemak wrapper but in all honesty, I was a bit scared to do so. But, after tumbling upon your blog, I will definitely try it! Thanks so much for the inspiration. Besides, the wrapper is waaay cheaper!


Vicky said...

Hopped over from Craftgossip. Sending the link to my mum to get me some Kertas Bungkus when she goes back to Malaysia. You say it is easy to find? Never bought freezer paper before but this is sure cheaper than freezer paper. I miss having nasi lemak wrapped up in banana leaves. Great blog.

chiiiiing said...

@Dill Thanks for stopping by! Yupp do give it a try, I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with it! :D

@Vicky Yup it's easy to find, maybe your mom can bring a picture along too, or just mention the brown paper used to wrap nasi lemak. Look in the section of the shop that sells plastic bags for food packing, paper plates, etc. Besides neighbourhood sundry shops and supermarkets maybe she can also try hypermarkets like Giant or Tesco (I haven't personally checked but seeing how much we use kertas bungkus for our food packing here, I don't think it would be hard to find :D). Hope that helps!

Njeri said...

I found you over from craft gossip. I love your writing style. I have also never been able to find freezer paper in my shops (I live in Kenya, so I had sort of given up on trying all the awesome freezer paper stencils on the blogosphere. Maybe I can find this?
Thanks for sharing this.

chiiiiing said...

@Njeri Thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll be able to find it as well, or maybe an equivalent type of paper for oily food? Let me know if you manage to find anything k :D

Limar said...

I live in Sweden and have never been able to find freezer paper here either. Maybe I can find some other waxy paper, like this. Thanks so much for the tut and the template! :)

chiiiiing said...

@Limar, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! Good luck and I hope you'll find a suitable substitute too, it's so much more easier to paint when the paper is 'stuck' to the fabric! :D

Mzzie said...

So that brown paper is also include in freezer paper?

chiiiiing said...

@Mzzie, the brown paper is an alternative to freezer paper, since I can't find freezer paper here locally... do you have freezer paper where you live?

Mzzie said...

Lol I wish here (Brunei) have the freezer paper. I've been search the whole shops here n I can't find one. But is it the burger packet is the freezer paper?

Mzzie said...

Hi can u make a tutorial how to make fabric label, please?

chiiiiing said...

@Mzzie oh! Same dilemma as us here in Malaysia, can't seem to find freezer paper anywhere! haha. I'm not really sure if the paper used to wrap burgers is the same, but you can give it a try (I think they may be the same). Just be careful to use medium heat on your iron, and do it in a well-ventilated area. Let me know if it works! It would be exciting to find another alternative to freezer paper :D

For fabric labels, are you referring to the type which uses iron-on transfers? :)

Mzzie said...

Okie dokie.

Anything will do that can make fabric label.... Since I can't find freezer paper here.

ummi AR said...

freezer paper is available in patchwork n quilting shops in KL and PJ but for 1 m it cost fr RM6-10. . . . since yr finding with kertas bungkus nasi lemak works like a freezer paper, i'd try that. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

bro.. nice! im also looking for an alternative to freezer paper.. but can u help me.. im a filipino now in penang.. where and what do you call the wrapper of nasi lemak...


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks to your post here, I manage to design my own shirt without freezer paper :)

One question though: Can I wash my shirt immediately after fixing the paint? Cos' I'm worried that the paint will fall off when I wash the shirt :/

Anonymous said...

OMG.. this is genius!! i'm gonna try it now! to the supermarket we go!!!

Anonymous said...

just wanted to know. when u pull it out, will the waxy materiel still attached to the fabric. anyway, good post

Azalea said...

omg Thanks for the idea!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog as i was looking for freezer paper. I have been searching for transfer paper & freezer paper for days. You saved my pocket money. Thank you for sharing this brilliant idea.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the idea! I've been wanting to do fabric painting and somehow know I can not find freezer paper here in Malaysia. This is great! I think I can try one now.

Light of Healing said...

thanks a lotttt... cut the freeze paper chase!!