Monday, November 14, 2011

Wake up in the morning and I...

Every day, I wake up in the morning and I feel like P.Diddy. Only the poorer, less groomed, less black version of him.

After 4+ years of being in the advertising industry, I decided to take a step back and step out of the industry. It's just not me on a long term basis. I still love music a lot though, and I think I'm learning to enjoy it and somehow draw a line between loving music for the heck of it and critiquing music for work, and when to let those lines blur and mingle like they're sluts, I MEAN single.

With no steady income yet, I foresee through my Christmas ornament ball that I'll be slaving my ass off for quite some time looking for freelance jobs, and developing the sewing business idea with my mom further.

I've been working on wedding card designs (the pop up ones you see below, which are still WIP), composing music for a simple video, designing party printables for a little boy's party, recording some vocals and vo samples in our "home studio" (thank GOD for a husband who already has the equipment back from his band days, and btw the setup is nothing fancy just a mic, a preamp, and my computer haha), and the most challenging task was to draft out a design for a skirt for a couple of bridesmaids, based on a few reference pictures. In between all that, the days and nights were filled with working on revisions.

The one thing I find ironic is that I don't have time to cook a decent meal even though I'm working from home. SHEESH.

People think that just because I'm working from home, I'm sipping a cuppa with my pinkie in the air and listening to bossa nova while having a facial done. It's totally true, if you haven't been reading what I wrote above.

Every day starts with a 3-in-1 Nescafe Ipoh White Coffee (love that stuff, pictured above of course), feeding the guppies, doing the laundry, getting on the computer or sewing machine, working til I get hungry, eating a 10-min meal cause I can't waste any time, getting back to work again until I get hungry, possibly having a semi-decent dinner with my husband, getting back to work again, and finally sleeping at 3am.

Now back to the coffee. Coincidentally, I was an extra in the commercial for this coffee that I drink every morning LOL. It was... very hot. As in, the set's lights were very hot. My armpits kept sweating. I really don't want to know what hell is like.

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