Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tutorial: Easy Peasy Cardboard Cubie

Between my husband and me, we have a lot of cardboard trash. I order sewing books from The Book Depository and Amazon, and he orders car accessories from eBay. We're always happy when our purchases arrive packed nice and good, thanks to the good ol' sturdy cardboard material that's commonly used. If you have a bunch of cardboard boxes waiting to be taken out to the trash, DO NOT THROW THEM!! Captain Planet needs your help!!! Here's an easy peasy to way to recycle cardboard boxes into little cubies to keep things organized at home.

All you need are a pair of scissors, some tape, and your cardboard boxes to begin with.

Yes.... we have a Nerf gun in the house. FUN TIMES!!! :D

One thing I've learnt from my mom in being creative is to work with what you've got. Don't be too confined by instructions or measurements, sometimes you gotta think outside the box (har har). 

So by eyeballing how much cardboard you have, trim them so you get 5 boards (1 for the base, and 4 for the sides) that will form a box when you put them together,....

.... like so! :D 

You can make the box rectangular, square, or if you're super hardworking you can do an octagon one. Since we're eyeballing the dimensions here in order to make the best out of how much cardboard you have, do not be afraid to "make mistakes". Just line up the pieces together, and trim wherever necessary. Captain Planet never gives up!

Check out what my cardboard says. NP = No Problem! 
(Or, Nana's Petunias. Or, Ninja Poo.)

Now to start taping the 4 side pieces to the 1 base piece.
I only had clear tape in the house, but you can use whatever tape you want (except cassette tape coz I hear it doesn't stick too well).

This is what you should have by now, all 4 side pieces taped to the base board.

Fold the side pieces upwards, and tape where the edges meet.

(Seriously, what is UP with clear tape. Takes me ages to find the edge every time -_-")

Tape all the edges until....

... you have this! A-HA! A BOX!!! Out of cardboard that would've been trash!!!
Do a jig.

Make as many as you like in as many different sizes that you like.

You can leave them as they are if you like the whole deconstructed look.

Or wrap them with some pretty paper. 
Use ribbons, or lace, or pearls, or fake fur. Heck, just go crazy with it!

Enjoy your cardboard cubies! :o)


Juliet said...

What a clever idea! I'm constantly throwing out boxes at work and I could be making these! Would be fantastic for baked christmas presents or (and here's why I'm really excited) storing the jumble of shoes in one's wardrobe!

chiiiiing said...

@Juliet zomg that's a great idea!! My shoes definitely need some lovin when it comes to storage. Do share pictures when you make them ok :D