Sunday, November 27, 2011

Vintage-themed sewing

Funny thing happened last week. A few days before attending a wedding of my husband's colleague, I suddenly find out that it's a vintage-themed wedding. Naturally like any other woman, I panicked and growled like a gorilla in heat: "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!" Except that I was serious because I looked through my closet, and the vintagey stuff were mostly casual wear, not dinnerware (har har).


In panic mode, I decided to make accessories to go with a dress that I made earlier this year for Chinese New Year. I absolutely adore peter pan collars, what more the beaded ones which hypnotized me on Pinterest. 

Megan Nielsen has a really pretty pattern of a scalloped peter pan collar up for downloads, which you can find at her awesome blog here. Unfortunately for me the pattern did not really fit me, maybe due to my stumpy small neck hehehe... so I ended up drafting my own pattern. After a few trials and errors and correction of the curves, I finally got a pattern that sat properly around my neck.

So I started beading the collar while watching Criminal Minds and NCIS and Bones on Fox. Then I watched the reruns of the same criminal investigation episodes again. Nothing like a good murder mystery and gruesome motives to motivate me to keep on and carry on beading. After a whole day of beading, I finally finished it! Yahuuuuu!

The next day I made a quick petal fascinator some felt pieces. I've made fascinators before, but somehow they never really sat properly on my head... I looked through more pictures on Google and realised that what I need was a little base that's almost like a bra cup to sit properly on top. Rather than putting an actual bra cup on my head (I've seen that on DIY blogs, ermm, interesting, but errr not something I'd wanna do in case people ask me "Oh you made that yourself? What did you use for the base?"; "My old bra. I totally washed it before using it though."), I shaped a base out of felt and started gluing petals to it. You can't see how the based is curved like a bra cup here, but it is, and trust me.. it sits sooo much better on your head and your embellishments will look beyootiful.

The wedding was at The Banker's Club, and I really like the venue because it's so apt for a vintage-themed wedding. Many of the guests supported the request of the bride and groom to dress up in vintage styles, and you gotta love fun guests like that at your wedding ;-) Saw some really fabulous vintage dresses and hairstyles that the ladies were sporting, and I was sincerely flattered when some fashionable girls said they liked my dress and asked me if it was real vintage. Naw geeee.. 

Some of the men were sporting bow ties, which were nice, but you know, nothing beats the real bow ties that are really tied by hand (not the clip-on types). I used to think that clip-on ones were good enough, but ever since I saw a real one on Vincent (he tied it himself, like WHOA) and we had that chat about bow ties, I'm a convert. I BELIEVE IN REAL BOW TIES NOW.

My husband wore his argyle vest. I LOVE THIS VEST, doesn't he look dashing in it! Nothing beats a good looking argyle vest, except a good looking husband in a good looking argyle vest. Hahaha. All he needs is a cigar in his hand :P



ineedmoredrama said...

whaddaya mean ya can't use a bra cup as base. talk about the mother of all conversation starters!

chiiiiing said...

LOL. Yeah but we don't need that! Give us a piece of hair and we can have a full-blown conversation about it, rite? :P