Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Wednesday. Kinda PMS-ey, kinda dead-ey. Cooked halibut for the first time. And portobello too! The husband bought white wine, and we toasted. He asked me why I asked for white wine out of the blue, and I said "Happy mooniversary," and his eyes went @_@ and he tried to hide it by morphing it into a delightful face and said "Happy moonivesary babyyyyyyy" HAHAHAHAAHA. I don't even know if that word exists but at the beginning of every month we "celebrate" it whenever we can, whether it's a movie night in or movie night out or dinner or even doing nothing. I thought it was lame when we first started going out (especially those first few months when you don't know if the relationship is even gonna last hahaha) but I think it's kinda sweet now :")

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