Monday, August 16, 2010

Hallo, is it me you're looking for ah?

Every time I call my husband on the phone while he's at work or in front of his friends, he answers with a flat, monotonous, macho voice tone. It's kinda annoying but kinda funny too (hope he doesn't read this and starts making it a habit).

*pinches nose and speaks on the phone*
"HELLO Can I speak to Mr Wong Sen Kiahahahhaa.. (cannot tahan)"


"What you doing?"

"I'm at work la."

"Working late ah?"

"No la, leaving soon already."

"GREAT! We go dinner together?"

"Ok sure."

"WOI why your voice so macho wan?? Can you please be a bit mushy?"

"Can't la, got people in front of me here."

"Fine, bye."



1 comment:

Adlin said...

he was standing right in front of me when this conversation happened. for real. we were talking about getting the band back together.