Friday, July 30, 2010

Coco & Stravinsky sitting on a tree......!?!?!

Dayumm. I never know Coco Chanel and Stravinsky had a thing together. Thanks to Suzie Bubble (and thanks to the great fashion guru Evevon who recommended that blog), now I know. I've watched both the Coco movies (thanks to Jess-- hmm this is starting to sound like an award acceptance speech), and yes I would want to watch Coco & Igor too.

I had to study composers like Igor Stravinsky when I was doing music theory (I really hated it-- I kinda hate studying in general heh heh). There were four main periods of music; Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th Century.

Basically Baroque pieces make your left hand and right hand work out really crazily on the piano, kinda like making both hands run a race to see who can go fastest and has the highest stamina. It was insane.

Classical pieces are a bit easier, where your left hand is mostly playing accompaniment and not fighting with your right hand to be the g-kwok. Maybe people learned to relax a bit more then.

Romantic pieces are... hou romance loh. HAHA. They'd have a lot of emotive chords and make you feel a lot of warm emotions and also make you feel like you want to do lyrical dance in So You Think You Can Dance. Hmm.

20th Century pieces are a nightmare to play (for me). Not only do the composers come up with their own unknown chords that make you go o_O, their piano notations are written for people with 13 fingers instead of 10. Pure torture. And they'll change tempo and keys every 2 seconds just for fun. Stravinsky was one of them.

But now when I listen back to those pieces especially from the 20th Century era, I appreciate them so much more for their avant garde psychotrocity. Those composers were doing what artists like The Knife is doing today-- making music a form of art and sometimes, telling a story and taking you on a journey without even saying a word.

Here's one of Stravinsky's famous pieces. It's MAD.

I would like to study music again one day (by studying I mean reading Wiki hahahha). Learn all those songs I learned before in theory classes last time and understand them again.

Anyhoots, here's the trailer of Coco & Igor. Kinda NSFW.

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