Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wedding schmeddings

To be honest? I'm not big on weddings with cultural customs-- the big extravagant lavish Chinese wedding where they play The Final Countdown when the waiters serve the first dish, and the bride doing 3 wardrobe changes during the dinner (this is a bummer because I doubt the bride gets to eat much of the food and in my book this isn't really fun).

If we could elope, we would. I always joke when people ask where will our wedding dinner will be held, saying that we're eloping to Vegas and getting married in a fake Elvis church. Only that I'm serious :P OKAAAYYY, half serious.

I'm not a fan of big extravagant poofy expensive wedding dresses where the bride has to make extra effort to walk one step and how much $$$ they cost, because I just want a dress that I can shimmy comfortably in and be able to do the robot dance without causing an unnecessary tear that reveals your rear (in granny underwear).

And, I'm not going to learn any proper ballroom dances just so that my husband and me can WOW the crowd by dancing the "first dance" (as if we never danced together before). We're just going to to do the robot dance, if anything.

And if my hair pins fall out and my mane looks crazy like a mad chewbacca in heat, then all the better for the pictures! You only get married to your beloved once, so let your hair down, have fun, and make monkey faces. One day you'll get so saggy nobody will notice you're making a monkey face even when you're making one.

Picture via Snippet & Ink


loveangel said...

wahhahahaha! this is funny~

Me said...

Totally agreed!

Lingz said...


This comes a little too late but I totally agree. I told Uchong that if I could, i would just ask everyone to go to my favourite banana leaf rice shop and eat.

And if i can, I'll wear red sneakers (not sure how his mom will react to that if I even mention it).

And if I can, I dowan big chinese dinner. Just family in a small room at a nice restaurant. And for friends, hanging out somewhere really awesome...just us close friends.

All these, must serve shark fins because it's not nice if we serve other things and all the must wear this cannot wear that is really...making the wedding slightly less interesting!

The only thing I am looking forward now is....the honeymoon. just us!