Sunday, April 04, 2010


Our dear friend Emelyn just had her 3rd baby, so I told the husband "Let's make her some bibs!!!"

Here he is, slaving away tracing the pattern. Hard at work ayeee. Heheheh. Spycam picture by my brother-in-law.

I modified the pattern from an existing bib pattern, and now I'm kinda wondering if the neck hole is a bit small. The husband said "Don't worry, babies have small heads anyway." -_-

The bib is reversible, so it can be used both ways.

This fabric was picked out by the husband btw. I was kinda dubious about it at first, but I think it goes great with the yellow that I picked out heeheheheh ;-)


lobak said...

Wah the bib very nice wor, can make one for my kid also?

Woman said...

but your kid is already going to inherit the beard right????? hehhehehehe