Friday, November 21, 2008

Drama Mama

Lots of drama going on here. Interestinggggg. Nice to see so much activity.

It's ok Kit. We know what we did :-)

Creating a platform for small bands to perform, trying to get bigger bands to attract the crowd, coming up with door gifts to attract the crowd, not taking a profit but instead split the door collections fairly among the bands (we were practically charity... because if we insisted on making profit, the bands would not be paid fairly for their performance), and we paid the bands honestly, fairly, and ON TIME. Just ask any of the bands that played a Fireflies gig.

Why didn't we take any profit? Because we knew we were small. Finding a balance between taking profits and paying the bands fairly was difficult, because we know if we charged more than RM12 for a gig, people wouldn't attend, as the most passionate fans are mostly school kids. So we sacrificed our profit.

Anyway, that thread on junkonline is a perfect case study of the world (or at least parts of it). The ones with the money have bad intentions, and the ones with good intentions have no money.

Thennn there's the childish people. Kamonnn la. That's so low, it's getting ticklish. Heheh.

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spaceman said...

so much anger...