Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Will be back shortly (coz I'm not really a tall one)

Oh no, it feels so long since I last blogged here, that I'm not sure if I still know how. Since my dear uncle's passing, it was just hard to get back here and pretend nothing changed. My uncle died of cancer. He was like a second father to me. He looked so different on the hospital bed, having lost tons of weight. But it's ok, he still had his humour in him. He was always the funny man (much like my own dad).

On one of the days when I went down to Singapore to visit him at the hospital, he was so weak, but when he saw me, he asked "How's your band?" and he played a little air guitar riff. That's my uncle :-)

Don't want to say much, I still miss him when I think about not being able to ever see him again (except in heaven la).

But yeah, will be back shortly.

(Coz I'm not really a tall one. Ha ha, geddit? Geddi... OK FINE I KNOW IT'S LAME. -_-" )

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