Monday, August 27, 2007

The Toilet Trilogy (Pt 2)

Top 5 ways to know when someone just took a dump in the toilet:

5. The Palmolive Hand Soap bottle is moved from its usual place at the sink to anywhere within a 30 centimeter radius of the toilet bowl, be it the floor, or shelf, or the toilet bowl top cover.

4. You suddenly find strange objects lying on the usually empty shelf by the toilet bowl, ie a nice man-ring

3. New reading material turns up in the usually empty shelf by the toilet bowl, ie radio scripts, today's paper, Hello! mag.

2. You see some sisa-sisa in the bottom of the bowl, ie floaters


1. The toilet smells like KFC.


Ling said...

Oh you evil woman!!
I can't believe I read this before eating my breakfast.

lobak said...

Man, I love this trilogy more than matrix, lotr, shrek, starwars etc etc.

trix said...

thats what you call funky chicken...depends on what floats...or sink.

Lounge Lizard said...