Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Women are snakes

We were sitting next to each other comfortably. He was reading one of his car magazines. I was just enjoying the moment.

"Hey..." I whispered.

"Hmm?" he said, his eyes still on the magazine.

"What if... what if you suddenly turned around and all that's left of me is my skin?"


"Like, like, just a bag of skin lying beside you. Everything else has been sucked dry! WAH what will you do??? :O "


"Why you laughing? This is a serious matter. Are you gonna touch the skin and pick it up to see if it's real?? Man, what you gonna do??"

"I'll get up and look for you coz obviously you've shed your skin and you're somewhere else la."


"........... you.... you... you saying I'm a reptile la issit now..."

"HEH HEH. Errr I mean, noooo lahh. Err.. ehaha."


1 comment:

albert said...

Was it not you who said, "all women are snakes"?