Sunday, July 22, 2007

Dear NohNes Monster

I have been the most horrible fruitfly in the universe. Here is the (very latelatelateltaeatate) post of Jiggles (and some of Meowie's) pics I promised you eons ago. *slaps forehead*

So like, one day, we took Jiggles out for a walk. Which reminds me, her nails need to be clipped.

Jiggles sniffing out a good spot to pee on

We got Jigs to take a pic beside the fire hydrant. Simply because, hey,
every other dog does it whattt. Like, in comics.

After that Jigs continued running off to find other good spots to pee on.

And then we made her take a pic beside the street signboard.

And yes, she found lots of good spots to pee on.


NohNesMonster said...

Yay. Thanks for the postings of the furry one. You make her sit next to hydrant is like asking her to sit on the floor of a dirty toilet leh. eeeeeeeeeey.

Use the retractable leash la.

Lounge Lizard said...

So you kids not doing any song-writing together anymore? -_-"

Woman said...

nohnes, i like the un-retractable leash, coz its old skool yo!

willeh, err........... um. dududu.