Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Office Fridge

One thing interesting about sharing 2 refrigerators with about a hundred people is that it provides some much-needed drama every now and then when putting commas and semicolons into sentences don't give you that daily thrill of living life on the edge:

[in forlorn voice] "Where is my butter???"

[in shocked voice] "OH. MY. GAWD. My soya bean is MISSING!!!!"

[in voice of injustice] "What the heck? They THREW away my orange juice??? It's not even freakin expired yet!!!!!!!!"

[in hushed whisper] "Somebody used my butter. I know it. These are not my usual butter knife patterns. See??? My butter knife is only THIS big!!!"

[in angry voice loud enough for everyone in the pantry to hear] "Some IDIOTS should stop stealing my Tim Tams!!!"

There is a logical and unspoken rule that you should ALWAYS label your groceries if you wish to keep it chilled in the fridge. The rule is simple. If the low fat milk belongs to you, you label it with your name on it. Which also brings about some interesting things sometimes, too:

[in frustrated voice] "My tau foo far's gone!! I only put it in here YESTERDAY! I was going to label it TODAY!"

[in mischievous giggles] "OoooOoO look, someone didn't label their Cornetto drumstick!! Meaheauahyahuahaha!"

[in my own voice, speaking to Jean] "Hey, my yoghurt is in the fridge k, go and drink it if you want."

Jean: Okay thanks.

Me: Uh. It's labeled Sanjaya.

Jean: ......

Me: Tee hee hee. Funny what.

Jean: -_-

A few days later, Sanjaya got kicked out of American Idol. Damn you, Sanjaya. I was hoping to make a decent earning with this on Ebay. Damn you.


loveangel said...

omgwad...funny XD

Lingy said...


that was yours?

Woman said...

no it was sanjaya's. duhh. :p