Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I am an angry bitch

Sometime 2 weeks back, Senkiat, Chak and I went to some hawker place on a Sunday morning where apparently they have excellent "kuey teow terng" and curry mee. The whole place was packed, so we had to stand around and wait for a table to be emptied.

Anyway there was this table at the corner, a young couple was polishing up their bowls and finishing up their drinks. So we stood near there with non-hustla faces and had conversations so we don't look like we're so desperate. Plus I think it's rude to like stand hovering over ppl's table when they're having meals kan. But this couple was finishing up already.

So we stood and waited.

And waited.


And damn, still waited.

The couple glanced at us, and the hawker guy came and cleared their table. They only had a few sips of their drink left. But they took FOREVER to cabut. 20 minutes on, and they're STILL sitting there, noticing us waiting but the girl is like yapping and yapping about her college friends whom I already feel like strangling. Helloh, you kenot tell your story in the car meh? Must tell now???

I mean, they already SAW us waiting by their table okay. But they just like buat tak tau. Usually when I go for lunch with the girls and we're finishing up our meals and we see some ppl waiting for tables, one of us (usually Jean the golden soul) will say "Hey, come la, let's finish up and go, got ppl waiting for tables." (I love you Jean!)

Anyway I think it was a good 20 to 25 MINUTES before this couple finally stood up, threw us a glance and jeling, and walked off. 20 minutes for like 2ml of drink which I can sip up in a 3 seconds!!! Argh!

Chak actually said "Thank you" to them. THANK YOU?!?!?! FOR WHAT????!?!!!!! *slaps Chak*

Then Chak went off to order. Senkiat and I sat down and I buat muka bitch there.

"I HATE people like that," I hissed and crossed my arms.

Senkiat suddenly looked at me with a shocked face. "Eiii dun so angr---"

"SEE US WAITING ALREADY STILL DOWAN TO MOVE!! HA??! Take so LONG to finish their stupid drink summore. SUMMORE wanna tell long grandmother story about "My college friend hor, she ah, she like that you know!"???? KENOT TELL STORY LATER AH!??!?! MUST SIT HERE FOR SO LONG???!?! HA???!!!!!"

"Wahhh you so angry... RWOARR!" and he did the tiger claw hand action.

And I wanted to continue spewing fire and brimstone but, but, suddenly... I started laughing and laughing. And quite suddenly I wasn't fuming anymore.

Ish. Stupid tiger claw.



NohNes said...

Bloody B*tch! (I meant the jeling woman) ;)

Go to your happy place.........."yeah....Haaapy Plaaaaaace.........."


And bitchslap SK for not being supportive of a girl's emotions. Even when ppl have every right to sit for hours drinking 2ml of drink and polishing their bowls and talking about college friends.......


Woman said...


*krooo... kroooo...*

loveangel said...

awwww..so cute and swweeettt..XD ahahahahaahahhaa
dis type of ppl damn ignorant -lah....XD

Lounge Lizard said...

Anger makes a woman age faster...

MMM said...

SK...SK..that's ma boy! =D (cue muka bangga)

calvism said...

+ god bless tiger claw hand action = ) hahaha

lingy said...


*snarl* *snarl*

*yap* *yap*


ok, shuts up now.

albert said...

I can't believe I missed the title! I could've capitalized on it!

Angry cute door bitch. :P

Woman said...

looking at the amount of comments i receive for this post, looks like being innocent and cute isn't "IN" anymore. damn i'm outdated.

navin said...

you're innocent and cute?

Woman said...

no... you are.... YOUUUU AREEEeEeEeeeEEe!

*tickle tickle*

Ang guu guuu..... JIAK! :D !

plasticblackspecs said...

Tell so much story, later go car no more story to tell then sit inside in silents and feel very awkward.