Thursday, April 05, 2007


Me: "Eh come try this seaweed lah."

MMM: "Ok thanks." (takes one big strip of seaweed. crunch crunch.)

Me: "Nice leh?"

MMM: "Ok lah. Where is this from? Thailand?"

Me: "Err, dunno lah. Eh, you got a small bit of seaweed under your lower lip. Hee hee hee."

MMM: (stares at me)

Me: "Heee hee hee hee... really lah... under there..."

MMM: (stares at me) "Chings, you do realise what you just said rite?"

Me: "Hee hee hee.. what lah? Really got seaweed under your lip lah--"


Me: "Har??? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA--errr I mean, I mean, erm, sorry! Erm, I know how you feel! See? I got lots of moles too, all over my face! Sometimes ppl say "Eh got chocolate on your face la"... hehehe.. sorry!"

MMM: "Hmmm..." (quietly pinches of a small tiny piece of seaweed and sticks it on her mole in the most refined manner)

Me: "Eh maybe you should stick on the OTHER side of your chin... then you can play Can You Spot The REAL Mole?! A-ha! Hehehehehh!"

MMM:  -_-

Me: "Ok bye."

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loveangel said...

this is funny...ahahahaah XD