Monday, April 02, 2007

Masters of disguise

fergusong: when lesbians hook up, one assumes a role. that role is relative to the partner.
so case in point, if my girlfriend went with some chick, if that chick was more girly (and there are much more girly girls than her), then she'd be the tomboy one in the relationship. if she went out with a tomboy (and there also are much more tomboy girls than her) then she'd be the girly one.

Chingz: ohh
really ah
i didn't know that
see? we girls are masters of disguise

fergusong: ya right

Chingz: like chameleons, hiding behind a branch

fergusong: like men dunno how to fake
enough with your pencil case poetry
make your point

Chingz: or a stick insect, hiding behind a stick

fergusong: HAHAHHAHAA

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