Monday, April 23, 2007

A picture I like

This weekend, I learnt that I need to stop being so shy, especially around new people. Perhaps the best way is to either remember when we were children and we ran our little mouths like nobody's business. Or wear a mask in a dance scene and let the director yell at you "Go crazy!!! Go crazyyyy!!!"

And you do go crazy because you know your face is hidden.

(Then again, like that's gonna fool anyone lah. Heh heh.)

Thanks Lobak and Lied for the video shoots. It was swell! :D


Mr.Stan said...

Aww shucks... i didnt get your signature on my forehead!!

Woman said...

i knew it!!! chicken!!!! :P hehehehehhe

Anonymous said...

wowh! got accolade :)

I'M NOT WORTHY!!! *does hannah t armcross thingy*

well to be honest, i secretly stalk your blog. like, really. sebab ko kelakar..

*hannah t pose*


Woman said...

hannah t rocks ok. *serious face*