Friday, April 20, 2007

Ohh suddenly it's Friday again!

The week passed by real quick didn't it?

Thanks Ling for taking this lovely pic. Although we were only pretending to laugh at Pris. Who wasn't doing anything funny in particular. We just wanted a laughy shot, like yay yay happy people drinking out of cheesy paper cups!

And we got it, didn't we? I will miss this. Mos def.


p/s Lupe, in Chris' words, "is brill".

pp/s I resigned. Mainly because I can't decide if it should be "p.p/s" or "pp/s" or even "p.p.s"... heheheh. LOL


Goodchristianboy said...

it's ps & s

Woman said...

kowtow! kowtow! hehwhwhwheheh