Thursday, April 26, 2007

I think we have a future in modelling.

Okay. As unoriginal as this idea is, you should try this at home. It's damn fun and time flies when you're trying to compose the perfect picture. Who said modelling was easy??? (Answer: The Boyfriend... -_-" )

Oh and also, Cyn and I were laughing so hard like mad hooligans (sorry Arvind), when we suddenly realised "Shit! It's already 1.30AM!!!! :O "

I see youuuuuuuuu....


NohNes said...

ROFL! You crack me up. Brilliant!

loveangel said...

this is funny man *bwahahaah* XD

Anonymous said...


Lingy said...

awesome la this.
i like the second one and the nose picking one. Trust Cyn to do that.

tell cyn I said hie. I miss her already. *sniff*