Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Many thanks & A gig in March

Hey guys. First of all thanks for all the msgs and calls of condolences... as you know, my grandma passed away in her home on Saturday. I still miss her, but I'm thankful she doesn't have to suffer anymore. Thanks for the thoughts, guys.

Yesterday I got back to work. Was feeling down and anti-social. Unfortunately life goes on. But I'm feeling a bit better today. And I got a msg from Kien Kit saying that the gig he's organising and we've been talking about for the last 2 weeks is finally confirmed, so hurrah :-)

Alaling will be playing alongside Silentscenery (Kien Kit's band), Long Story Short (my good music friend's Mike's band-- Mike and I used to send freshly recorded songs to each other for 'world premieres' hehe. Mike was the one who introduced Kien Kit to me too), Paolo Delfino(please don't ask me if he's Desperate Housewives' Mike Delfino's son because he's not), and Li Pei (a mutual friend of Mike and Kien Kit). So it's mostly a gathering of friends, you see.

We'll be playing at Jam Asia on March 2, 2007. Will put up the flyer once we have it. Very nervous and excited. Very very.


hoyden said...

i'll get to see the ex-bedroom musician in action~!!!
Altho i do miss those syiok sendiri sessions.

sorry bout your grandma too.
*bigger hug*

Woman said...

yes i miss the HBC3001 days! err.. dunno if i got the name right. hehehe.

and thanks sweets... *huggg* :-)

hoyden said...

i think its HB3-C3001
that's just waaayyy too long for a band name.
we shud have come up with something more snappy.
like the word verification thingy below which reads "Hmuhk" right now.

Woman said...


i like what im seeing!


whoa man. we could've been BIG! it's all your fault for not suggesting this earlier. who came up with the idea of using our hostel room number as a band name anyway? ishhh.. :P hehehe