Monday, February 05, 2007

Goodbye Starlight

Saturday 2.30pm
You have been asking us to take you home since yesterday night. We told you we'll bring you home on Saturday morning, but the paperwork took so long. Sigh. Nevermind. You're going back to your home soon, ok? No more hospital room and boring hospital blinds. Home sweet home soon, mah-mah.

Saturday, 5pm
You're back home, in the house where you've spent many of your years with ah kong. We're trying to make things as comfortable as we can for you. Are you comfortable?

Saturday, 8pm
Your breathing slowed down about twenty minutes ago. You are no longer heaving loudly to breathe. In fact... we don't see any more movement. I suppose this is why you kept asking us to bring you home, huh? Would you mind if we cried some more?

Monday 11.30am
I told the guy I wanted the white flowers. Hope you'll like them. :-)
Bye bye, mah-mah. Gonna miss you.

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