Thursday, October 19, 2006

We're joining the WWF 'Save The Tiger' treasure hunt and here were the suggestions for our team name:

I suggested: Grrr Roar Roar Meow

Team verdict: "Errr.... no."


Jean suggested: Naughty Girls

Arvind's verdict: "HELL NO!"


Cynthia suggested: Caspian Panthera

Team verdict: "......." (too deep, need time to digest)


I suggested: Tiger Hunters

Team verdict: "Wahahhahaah you're kidding rite."

Me: "Errr... no? Funny what."

Jean: "i think TIGER HUNTERS is nice la... we can be tiger hunters that kesal and wan2 support tigers. Its so creative. u know, its like, we know we're wrong n so, we join WWF to SAVE TIGERS instead!!! :O waddaya think?


Jean: "the word is :

Guilt-stricken Tiger Hunters

and who knows, maybe we can make headlines."


Kesimpulannya, we're joining the WWF "Save The Tiger" treasure hunt and we'll be called GuStri TiHu, short for Guilt-stricken Tiger Hunters.

PLUS Jean has her whole speech planned out on enlightening the press why we chose this name (as if we're gonna win hehehehe).

We're idiots like that, yes we are. Heh heh.


x - CoNFuSeD - x said...

Hey ssup? iws wndrin if u cud tel me hw to upload pix on a blog..neway kewl blog :D

Woman said...

heya. just click on the picture icon when you're posting an entry (its a picture of some mountain scenery btw), and just follow the instructions there :-)

navin said...

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Woman said...

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lingy said...

Oh gosh, that's what the gustri thingy meant!

Sheesshh, took me a long time to realise that. I was thinking that it was somekinda olden day malay show with some gusti puteri or somethang

Ravenfire said...

Gusti Puteri.. HAHAHAHAHA..
Imagine some puteri fighting somewhere.. hahaha.. but wait.. thats olden day chinese movie laaa