Sunday, October 22, 2006

Reasons to go "Yay!" and "Double yay!" today

Seremban is a really nice place to unwind.

Okay so all I did was eat and sleep and eat and sleep. Heh heh. But bed feels so good. But mom says I've put on weight. Dooodahhh. Guess I gotta start shitting more often.

Reasons to go "Yay!" today:

1. Brother's back from Shanghai. Yay!

2. Went to Jusco (which houses Seremban's first and only Starbucks, a milestone of civilisation for us, hurrah!). Yay!

3. Went to Popular. Bought a Neil Gaiman book and the Lily Allen CD (coz I coudn't find Corinne Bailey Rae). Yay!

4. It's Adlin's bday. Yay for you pork!

5. Drove back to Seremban with Cynthia. Yay!

Reasons to go "Double Yay!" today:

1. Brother didn't scold me about the car coz the evidence of Bunju's scratches have been DESTROYED by my intelligence. Yay yay!

2. Went to Jusco with family :-) (awww...)

3. 10% discount on book and CD. Yay yay! (So shoot me; I'm Chinese!)

4. Thinking of what to buy for people's bday gets me a lil excited. Adlin you lucky ass. Yay yay!

5. Cynthia and I took silly pics in the car. Silly pics are always a yipeedeeyay! Although taking the pics got me more exhausted compared to the ride itself... hehehe


navin said...


kampung gal.. :P

Ravenfire said...

SILLY!!! I thought they were reallyn nice =(

Woman said...

navin: i can get you 1kg bayam wit VELIIII goot price! :P

cyn: hey.. u know me rite.. when i say silly i mean lotsofwholesomefun yipeeee!