Friday, October 13, 2006

Note to Self

1. Buy coffee to bring to the office.
(coz the coffee machine sucks and life
is short and you don't wanna die sipping
bad coffee)

2. Bank money into Navin's account
for the wonderful fridge hehehh
(ah how "fond" the memories of transporting
the fridge is... two guys, three girls, a Ford Ranger,
and the longest drive back to SK of our lives!)

3. Owe Adlin a "finder's" fee.
(Pbth! Technically you didn't "find" us anything k! :p)

4. Think of what to get for Adlin's bday.
(Sorry pork, I didn't save that birthday wish list
on msn! Shites! But I remember you mentioned
belt, patung benang keychain, Neil Gaiman's
"Smokes & Mirrors", and ... erm erm erm..... shit.)

5. Try to remember what else Adlin mentioned
in his wish list.......

6. Get gingko for obvious memory loss.
(scrap that, no money d)

7. Remember today is Friday the 13th and
how I don't give a rat's ass anyway... heheh

(Lookieee, pink fonts! wowsieee!)


Erm, ladeedah.

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