Tuesday, September 26, 2006

In love again

I'm officially in love with John Mayer again.

I love his new album, Continuum.
The sound of it is closer to his first album,
which I loved.
I didn't like his second album, except for

And look, he has long hair.
Sooooooooo cute.

I'm gonna buy me that CD.

And look, he's still ridiculously funny.
Here's an excerpt from his blog:

The thing too is, you can sometimes trick zombies into thinking that you're one of them. If you walk through a whole pack of zombies, and you're all like "bbbuuuurrrrgggghhhhh", like they are, there's a chance they won't notice you're even there. But as soon as you start talking, or showing basic cognitive reason, zombies are all over you.

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