Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I'm so stupid! HAHA!

Everytime I hear the new John Mayer song on radio
'Waiting On The World To Change'
I think to myself
"Man I really love this song,
I want to download it!"

And I've been mucking coz usually
either I don't get to go to someplace with wifi
Or if I go, I get too excited when I DO go
and forget what songs I wanted to download.

I was just looking at the songs I have on this pc
And suddenly saw a folder:
John Mayer - Continumm

The full album that Chern Liang passed to me
quite some time back.
That I forgot about.

Hehe. I'm such an idiot.

But it was a lovely feeling
when the smile crept up the corners of my lips.

At least my stupidity serves a purpose.
The occassional pleasant surprise is nice.


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