Thursday, September 28, 2006

The 29 year old hitchhiker

We met a hitchhiker yesterday.

I thought his name was Ludvig,
but it was Ludevic Ludovic.

Makes you feel French pronouncing it, right?
That's coz he IS French hehe.

He's been hitchhiking for 3 or 4 years
and his planned trip around the world
is supposed to last 5 years.

He has been all over the world
including the Antartica, where he steered a ship;
Galapagos, where he saw a bigass giant turtle;
Indonesia, where he was almost arrested;
Africa, where he was asked to stay with another man's wife;
Brazil, where he loved the laid back life;
and... wow... I can't even remember the rest.

There were just so many places,
So many pictures
So many words
So many stories.

I asked silly silly questions, like:
Has anyone tried to kidnap him?
Has anyone screamed when he approached them for a ride,
and hit him repeatedly with their handbags,
screaming "Go away! Go away!"?

Unfortunately his answers were "No", so no fun.

Here is a man who's living on the edge
Chasing his dreams

And will probably die a happy sea lion.


navin said...

africans share wives? hmm... interesting....

Joanne said...

It's Ludovic. Ludovic Hubler. Oh, and did you check out Saturday's copy of The Star?

Woman said...

VHOOPS!!! hehehe
my mistake. will correct it! thought there was something wrong with it heheh.

no lah, haven't... hehe.