Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tutorial: Super quickie Christmas ornament in a fizzy!

Please raise your hands if you forgot that Christmas is a week away. Err.. nobody? It was just me? REALLY?? Heh :P

I was on the phone with my mom and I thought she was crazy when she said Christmas was only a week away. Clearly I was the crazy one instead 

I'm not much of a decoration person when it comes to Christmas, but this time around I decided just to do something simple. Bought some fairy lights, made 3 Christmas stockings with some red flannel I had in the stash, and this super simple glitter ornament to hang by our lights switch box (how glamourous, I know, stop it you guys lol).

You can make these in whatever shapes you want, and hey, who says it's only for Christmas aye?

All you need is 15 minutes, glitter, foam board, white glue, and a clear spray paint to seal it at the end. I found all these at our local stationery shop.

1. Trace your shape onto the foam board

2. Cut it and pop it out

3. Paint white glue onnit

4. FUN ALERT: Shake your glitter all over it!

5. Dust it off and you'll be left with a s'wonderful layer of glitter sitting on your glue!

6. Spray it with a clear spray to seal it in, and decorate it if you want.


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