Sunday, December 04, 2011

Tutorial: Recycle your yoghurt cups!

I loveeeee yoghurt! I'd usually get me a medium tub (not the single serving ones) from the grocery store  to last me a few days. Before you throw the tubs away, THINK ABOUT CAPTAIN PLANET! He's got green hair and a weird tan, but above all, he needs YOU to save the planet by recycling. *wink*

So here's an easy peasy way to recycle that yoghurt tub into a twine cup for some pretty desk organization. Put your pens and pencils in it, or use it as a little bin to collect scraps from your craft project.

This project is wayyyy easy. Here's what you need:
- Empty yoghurt tub
- Twine rope (or any other type of rope/yarn you fancy your pants off)
- Scissors
- PVA glue or UHU glue

I love strawberry yoghurt. Slurp.

Here we go! First, cut out the label like a boss.

Spread glue on the outside like a boss.

Wrap the twine rope around the cup like a... uh, you get my drift.

Done! You're such a boss.

You may stop here and use your twine cup, but if you can do a simple braid, let's finish this baby off!

Braid three strands like so:

... and stick them to the rim of your twine cup. 
Best to use a superglue like UHU for this :-)

Anddddd you're done! Tar darrrrr....

My twine cup sits with me on the table when I sew or work on DIY projects, and works as a little bin to collect stray thread, felt scraps, and little fabric remnants. Yes... pretty things make working fun for me :D


Dumpster Dude said...

Good to know that Yogurt cups are creatively modified to Twine Cups.

Juliet said...

OH MY GOSH! LOVE this... I found an old wafer tin rolling up the street last week. Instead of walking past, I scooped it up and am planning on doing it up with paint for a Christmas gift for my Mum. But twine is such a great idea! I don't know what to do now. If the paint fails then I'm going to use twine!

chiiiiing said...

Thanks Dumpster Dude & Juliet!

Juliet, wafer tins are the BEST, especially those smaller sized ones.. so totally adorable. Paint sounds like a great idea as well! You're making me want to look for wafer tins now... :O